Mercer Island Brick Retaining Wall


Place a call to Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. if you are planning on installation a dry-stacked brick retaining wall in your Mercer Island, WA property to resolve grading issues.

We have extensive experience in designing and constructing dry-stacked brick retaining wall in Mercer Island properties. Our technicians are well-trained in how to build a retaining wall on a hill and can be trusted to build a sturdy brick landscape retaining wall that:

  • Can bear the immense weight of soil behind it
  • Provides excellent stability and structure to the plantings
  • Withstands the natural elements

There are several materials that can be used for building retaining walls and each has its distinguishing features. Brick is the material to choose when you want your landscape retaining wall to give a formal and sophisticated look to the yard.

A brick retaining wall is also the preferred choice for savvy property owners who want a durable structure with minimal environmental impact.

Mercer Island Landscape Retaining Wall


You cannot take a casual approach towards your landscape retaining wall project on Mercer Island. Bringing in inexperienced retaining wall contractors can result in a poorly-built brick retaining wall that:

  • Collapses suddenly after a few rainfalls
  • Causes serious landscaping damage or personal injury
  • Burdens you with wall re-installation and landscape restoration costs

Make your investment in landscape retaining wall construction go a long way by letting us handle the job. Being knowledgeable and seasoned retaining wall contractors, we know all that goes into creating a stable, sustainable and reliable structure.

We keep in mind the local building codes concerning landscape retaining wall construction and also pay attention to all relevant aspects of the job like provisions for a drainage system.

Mercer Island Retaining Wall Contractors


Assurance of the seamless installation of a beautiful and strong brick retaining wall is a good reason why you should hire us as your retaining wall contractors. However, it is not the only one!

Our company has several other distinctive features that separate it from other brick retaining wall installers. We are among the leading residential and commercial retaining wall contractors in the Mercer Island area because our customers know that they can rely on us to:

  • Schedule the requested job quickly
  • Be professional
  • Clean up the jobsite before leaving
  • Charge a competitive price

Hire only the best retaining wall contractors for landscape retaining wall construction in your Mercer Island property. Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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