South Prairie Brick Retaining Wall


Have you decided to install a brick retaining wall in your South Prairie, WA property? Are you looking at the retaining wall contractors who work within the community to choose which company to hire for your project? Let the search end at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

In business since 1995 as the area’s leading retaining wall contractors, we specialize in dry stacked brick retaining wall design and construction. Brick is the preferred choice for property owners who want their landscape retaining wall to be made of a material that is eco-friendly, weather-resistant and hard-wearing.

It helps that a brick retaining wall brings beauty and elegance to a property. We are equipped to handle all types of dry stacked brick retaining wall construction jobs in South Prairie. You can select us to install brick landscape retaining walls:

  • Of any length and thickness
  • Up to any height
  • In single or multiple wall combinations
  • On your residential or commercial property

South Prairie Landscape Retaining Wall


For a landscape retaining wall to be truly effective in holding back soil and staying strong for years to come, it is important that it be built with:

  • An accurate design
  • Proper ground preparation and foundation
  • Skillful workmanship
  • Adequate provision for drainage

You can be sure of having a well-built landscape retaining wall in your South Prairie yard only when it is built by proven pros like us. With our extensive expertise and experience as brick retaining wall contractors, we are the best company to hire for your job.

Each of our trained technicians knows how to build a retaining wall on a sloping hillside or flat ground. We also make sure that they work with careful attention to detail creating the exact look and function you want from your landscape retaining wall construction job.

South Prairie Retaining Wall Contractors


Our unmatched capabilities and commitment to doing professional work are not the only reasons why we are among the top residential and commercial retaining wall contractors in the South Prairie area.

A genuinely customer-centric approach is another key reason for our success. The foremost objective of our services as retaining wall contractors is giving customers the exact look, function and building experience they want and expect.

We strive to build you a beautiful and sturdy brick retaining wall:

  • Within your time frame
  • For a competitive price
  • Without any damage to your landscape
  • With minimal hassle or disturbance to your family or work environment

Need the services of landscape retaining wall contractors in South Prairie? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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