Hydroseeding for Covington Home and Business Landscaping


Beautiful exteriors of a home not only provide a visual treat but also increases the value of that home and property. If you are a looking for a reliable company to help create such a look go no further.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides quality services for lawn and grass hydroseeding for Covington, WA residents. Being in business for a number of years we are able to provide services that include:

  • Consultation
  • Fertilizer services
  • Weed spraying
  • Property maintenance

When you select us for grass hydroseeding on your property you are assured of excellent results. We analyze your soil and determine the right grass hydroseeding mixture for your soil type. We apply your hydroseeding using the latest in hydroseeding equipment that provides you with the best results.

Lawn Hydroseeding for Quick Results in Covington


For years, the traditional method of sowing the lawn seed has been used for growing grass on lawns and other areas. The new techniques of lawn hydroseeding are much more effective, both in time and in cost. We provide high quality lawn hydroseeding services for Covington residents that will result in a lush green lawn in a short time.

This will make your home:

  • Look beautiful
  • Increase in value
  • Have exceptional and functional exteriors

You will be pleased with our service. We take the time to analyze your property, find the correct mixture to provide the look you desire and understand your budget requirements. Our customer service includes answering all of your questions so you are entirely comfortable with the decisions you make.

Grass Hydroseeding in Covington - Fast Results in Large Areas


Especially for areas that are large or have sloping areas grass hydroseeding is much more effective. In choosing the right company to deal with you need to ask questions, receive recommendations, and view finished areas in Covington.

These are additional features that you should consider while choosing the best company for grass hydroseeding:

  • Experience
  • High quality hydroseed supplies
  • Skilled workforce

We are the right company to choose for grass hydroseeding in Covington. We have worked extremely hard during the years we have been in business to gain the quality reputation we have in the industry.

If you are looking for a reliable company who will take care of your lawn and provide only the best of hydroseeding and landscape services in Covington, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779.