Newcastle Hydroseeding


Newcastle, WA home and business owners know the importance of a great looking lawn and landscape.

Nothing is worse than having dead grass spots or, even worse, spots where grass won’t even grow.

If you want a lush green landscape for your home or business in just a few weeks, call Cedar County Landscaping.

We are hydroseeding professionals who can:

  • Provide proper hydroseeding supplies
  • Understand the importance of hydroseed procedures
  • Provide low costs and high returns on your investment

Hydroseeding is much different than regular seeding and sod options, as it involves overseeding, mulch, and tons of organic aides to help the seeds grow.

This means that the seeds grow quickly and multiply to create a thick lawn that any property owner would enjoy.

Newcastle Lawn Hydroseeding


Lawn hydroseeding is ideal for anyone who wants to step barefoot onto their grass and enjoy the feeling of healthy, soft grass without worrying about it dying.

Our Newcastle clients are always happy to see their seeds sprout and turn into a great lawn.

Our lawn hydroseeding procedure promises:

  • Advanced hydroseed machines
  • Our patented hydroseed mix
  • Grass sprouts within 5-7 days (with proper watering)

If you want to purchase a service that provides great returns on your investment, our lawn hydroseed cost is very low compared to alternative grass options.

Many clients try DIY hydroseed mixes before they call us; don’t waste your time or money on this.

Call the professionals in Newcastle the first time around.

Newcastle Grass Hydroseeding


Did you know that with grass hydroseeding, you could see sprouts within 5-7 days and a full yard of grass within just a few weeks?

Our Newcastle clients have all been pleased with their grass hydroseeding results, and we continue to provide those results for others in the area.

Grass hydroseeding provides:

  • Quick and easy results
  • Eco-friendly grass options
  • Low cost solutions to expensive problems

Don’t underestimate the power of a great hydroseed mix and the right hydroseed supplies.

Our pros understand the level of effort and expertise it takes to grow grass from seeds and we’ll show you how to properly care for your grass hydroseeding once we are done with the initial planting phase.

Get ready for green grass and a plush yard after our grass hydroseeding services are done.

Lawn hydroseeding is a great option for any property in Newcastle. Dial (425) 358-2779 if you want to speak with Cedar County Landscaping about your lawn.

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