Redmond Hydroseeding


Redmond, WA home and business owners know the struggles of trying to get grass to grow in stubborn areas on their property.

If you’re sick of fighting dirt and wishing for grass, call Cedar County Landscaping.

We can provide hydroseeding services that grow grass in no time. Hydroseeding consists of:

  • Overseeding
  • Mulching
  • Minerals, compost, and fertilizers
  • Tons of water

Because our hydroseeding equipment is designed for the best results, it’s much better than most other equipment or companies on the market.

Best yet, our hydroseeding cost is low and can be adapted to most budgets and projects.

Why spend more on sod or DIY lawn projects that don’t get the results you want? Call us today to start your consultation.

Redmond Lawn Hydroseeding


If you’re ready to have plush, green grass that you can play on, lay on, or just enjoy from your windows, it’s time to hire our services for lawn hydroseeding.

We provide lawn hydroseeding to Redmond residents and business owners who:

  • Want grass to come up fast
  • Want grass to stick around for years to come
  • Are tired of spending tons of money on failed landscape projects

Our hydroseed mix is unmatched in the market and promises results because of its high volume of seeds, mulch, and general organic growth aides.

Our hydroseed machines are reliable, durable, and built to properly hydroseed your Redmond property. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started on your lawn hydroseeding project ASAP so you can have amazing grass in just a few weeks.

Redmond Grass Hydroseeding


Nothing is worse than starting a landscaping project that takes months to see results from.

Worse yet, it is horrible when your investments fail when your seeding or planting doesn’t grow.

With grass hydroseeding in Redmond, you get:

  • Low hydroseed cost
  • Reliable seeding and planting processes
  • Experts who can apply the right hydroseed mix

Don’t try a DIY hydroseed project like many of our other clients. Many find that they don’t have the right hydroseed mix or process and usually won’t even get grass sprouts.

Don’t waste your time, money, or energy. Call our professionals in grass hydroseeding today and see results in just a few short days.

You’ll be happy to see your new lawn grow in stronger and sturdier than ever before.

Lawn hydroseeding is not a DIY project for your Redmond property. You need experts from Cedar County Landscaping to do it right. Call them at (425) 358-2779.