Renton Hydroseeding


Are you worried that your patch of dirt in Renton, WA will never be able to grow grass? You’re not alone, but Cedar County Landscaping has the solution to your problem.

Home and business owners in the area have been using our hydroseeding services for the past few years to:

  • Grow grass fast
  • Create lush landscapes
  • Save money on new sod costs

In this wet climate, hydroseeding is a great option for any property owner who wants to grow their grass from seeds rather than worry about sod taking.

With our specific hydroseeding process, you can also rest assured that you’re getting amazing services at low hydroseeding cost.

Don’t trust novice landscapers and don’t attempt a DIY hydroseeding project; just call us today to save time and money.

You’ll have new grass in just 5-7 days.

Renton Lawn Hydroseeding


Have you attempted a DIY hydroseed project on your lawn? Lawn hydroseeding is much more difficult than it first appears, as you need:

  • The right hydroseed mix
  • Hydroseed machines that have enough power
  • Experience in mulching, fertilizing, and seeding

Because of this, many Renton residents and property owners find that their lawn hydroseeding only works when call the professionals.

Our lawn hydroseeding technicians have the best hydroseeding mix, own advanced machines, and know how to seed your lawn to get great looking grass in just a few days.

While sod and individual seeding can work, lawn hydroseeding is a great option for Renton lawns thanks to the moist climate and the highly nutritional nature of our mulch mix.

Seeds are sealed into your dirt with our lawn hydroseeding mix and process, giving you strong grass in no time at all.

Renton Grass Hydroseeding


Have you recently booked a hydroseeding rental machine but found that you didn’t get the results you wanted?

Grass hydroseeding requires more expertise and advanced equipment than many people think. We promise our Renton clients grass hydroseeding that is:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • A great investment

Our hydroseeding cost is lower than you might think, and we have exceptional hydroseed mix that can grow grass sprouts in just 5-7 days.

If you’ve considered the cost of a hydroseeding rental, hydroseed mix, and other hydroseed supplies for a DIY hydroseed project, you’ll see our options are much more affordable.

On top of that, you get grass hydroseeding that actually works and that creates long-lasting grass and lawns.

Want to find a company that provides hydroseeding near Renton? Cedar County Landscaping is the name to remember.

Dial (425) 358-2779 if you want to discuss hydroseeding options.

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