Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System for Redmond Landscaping


Imagine being able to water your lawn at night or in the early morning without needing to do it yourself.

That’s exactly what an automatic lawn sprinkler system could do for your Redmond, WA property.

Cedar County Landscaping provides lawn sprinkler systems to residents who:

  • Don’t want to water their landscaping by hand
  • Don’t want to waste more water than necessary
  • Want to preserve their investment in expensive landscaping

Even though the area has high rainfall amounts each year, that doesn’t mean landscapes don’t need more water.

It’s important to know the watering needs of your grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers.

We can provide lawn sprinkler installation that meets the needs of both you and your landscaping. Call us today to get started


Sprinkler System Installation for Redmond Home and Business


Regardless of whether your Redmond property is a home or a business, sprinkler system installation is often a great option for any landscape.

Because lawn sprinkler system installation cost is usually a deterrent, we always offer:

  • High quality but affordable sprinkler system parts
  • Warranties
  • Customer service guarantees

Unlike other sprinkler system installation companies, we pride ourselves on giving our Redmond clients maximum value for their money.

This means that you’ll get the best sprinkler system design, the best parts, and the lowest prices possible.

This way, you get to preserve your beautiful landscape, use less water, and spend less money.

Why Should Redmond Residents Choose Us for Sprinkler Repair?


Are you wondering where you can find sprinkler repair near me? Don’t be tempted to hire the first sprinkler repair guy you find.

Instead, make sure that the sprinkler repair company you choose has:

  • Many years of experience
  • Great recommendations
  • Affordable prices

It’s important that your sprinkler repair job is done properly in Redmond, or the end result could cause more damage than the current problem.

Our company and our technicians are committing to providing the highest quality sprinkler repair services. This also means that we are entirely transparent in our work.

You’ll never be charged unfairly or told that a sprinkler repair job won’t fix the problem. We will always try to fix something before offering total sprinkler system replacement.

Trust our honest professionals to get your sprinkler repair done right the first time.

Is your lawn sprinkler outdated or nonexistent? See what Cedar County Landscaping in Redmond can do for your lawn and landscape. Dial 425-358-2779 to learn more.