Redmond Retaining Wall

Retaining-Wall-Redmond-WAAt Cedar County Landscaping, we provide services to enhance your backyard by constructing a secure perimeter of retaining wall around your Redmond, WA home. A retaining wall protects your Redmond home from wildlife invasion and soil erosion.

Ideal to withstand any weather conditions, a retaining wall for your Redmond backyard also offers a scenic and pleasant viewing. Additional benefits to installing a retaining wall surrounding your Redmond home are:

  • Increases overall home value
  • Increased functionality
  • Is ecologically friendly
  • Flooding prevention

We can construct retaining walls with a number of materials, such as traditional stone, boulders, mortar, etc. No matter with what we make the retaining wall for our customer, we make sure that our focus is not just the aesthetic aspect of the structure but also on its functionality.

A retaining wall is primarily constructed on a property with sloped outdoor space. The purpose is to grade the property and provide support to the planting areas so that soil erosion does not take place.

Construction of the retaining wall also helps in prevents dirt hills from being an eyesore on the property. Instead, these are encircled within a beautiful wall that becomes an additional visual attraction of the landscaping.

Retaining walls can also be incorporated into the patio design and used as additional seating areas.

You need to hire skilled and experienced professionals like us for installing your retaining wall to make sure that your property gets optimal benefits from the structure.

Let us help you put together an attractive and sturdy retaining wall for your Redmond home today.

Redmond Rock Garden

Rock-Garden-Redmond-WABeautify your garden by designing a retaining wall or rock garden in your Redmond home. Rock garden in your Redmond home also boosts the overall neighborhood appeal as well as provide your lawn with decorative charm.

Our rock gardens for Redmond citizens comprise a variety of – floral beds, Zen rock garden, fauna style garden, etc. We believe that a rock garden can benefit your lawn and home in multiple ways, such as:

  • Easy maintenance and durability
  • The artistic aesthetic of your yard
  • Water and soil retention
  • Zen rock garden for your Redmond home is great for boosting meditation

We offer our services for systemized planning and execution for installing any type of rock garden to Redmond residents.

A rock garden is a unique landscaping element that can work in any topography and add irresistible, natural, rugged beauty to the yard. An aesthetically pleasing arrangement of rocks can create a special calm, inviting and relaxing space in the outdoor where you are sure to feel connected with nature.

The beauty of rock garden can enhance the landscaping in all types of properties. Places with difficult growing conditions such as sloped land are also great for installing such a garden.

Give us a call for designing and installing a rock garden in your yard if you want to take its beauty to another level. Our technicians are very knowledgeable about which plants thrive in the rocky setting and assure you of a rock garden in a beautiful design and colors that brighten up your landscaping.

Redmond Retaining Walls

Retaining-Walls-Redmond-WAOur landscaping services are world-renowned and the retaining walls we build hold sturdy and strong, just like our commitment. Landscaping enthusiasts call on us for their retaining walls needs and we take pride in delivering customer satisfaction.

Our architecture in building retaining walls or rock garden for your Redmond home offers regal and elegant design value. We also fully understand the need to deliver our work in a timely manner with no compromise to quality. Our services include:

  • Project based construction that allows clients to work with us
  • Individualized retaining wall design for unique showmanship
  • Maintenance tips as well as regular maintenance service for retaining walls
  • Unbound creativity to offer our customers in building retaining walls or rock gardens

Retaining walls have to withstand a lot of stress and are always waging a non-stop battle with gravity. It is important that their engineering and construction be done with great care, by suitably qualified professionals.

That is why we are an excellence choice for installing retaining walls in Redmond properties. People who do not want their retaining walls to start cracking, leaning or bulging a short time after they are constructed should let us install the walls for them.

The common causes for failure of retaining walls are use of poor material and poor drainage arrangement. Such mistakes never happen when we build the walls. Our well-trained technicians make sure that the wall is constructed to withstand enormous load, has proper drainage solutions and is made from top-grade materials.

Our engineers at Cedar County Landscaping are just a phone call away. Call us at (425) 358-2779 to hire our prestigious landscaping services.