Summer Lawn Care – High Temperatures in Enumclaw


The higher temperatures during summer can be harmful to the health of your lawn. Follow our summer lawn care tips provided by the experts at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., and hire their summer lawn services if you want to enjoy summer with a flourishing lawn.

Founded in 1995, our full-service landscaping company offers personalized summer lawn care services in Enumclaw, WA. Proper lawn care is vital all year-round but it becomes especially crucial in the hot and dry months.

Heat stress can wreak havoc on a lawn and absence of appropriate summer lawn care can soon turn your lush green turf into a brown, barren patch of land. Keep your precious lawn protected throughout the summer by hiring us for summer lawn care services in the Enumclaw area. We hire technicians who:

  • Are highly trained and experienced
  • Understand the season-specific needs of your turf
  • Take pleasure in keeping your yard looking great

Lawn Care Tips for Enumclaw Homeowners


The majority of summer lawn problems can be avoided by following some simple lawn care tips. Enumclaw homeowners should not depend on just professional lawn services for maintaining a healthy lawn in the summers, but they should also remember that good lawn care is a daily requirement. Keeping a few summer lawn care tips in mind can go a long way in ensuring healthy growth of grass in your yard.

If you, too, want to spend summer evenings on your luxuriant, green lawn, here are some lawn care tips you should try:

  • Inspect the turf regularly for irregular color or texture
  • Use correct summer lawn fertilizer application and watering techniques
  • Watch out for early signs of pest or weed infestation
  • Get professional lawn services immediately if you notice any turf damage

Why Choose Us for Lawn Services in Enumclaw?


Choose us when you need professional summer lawn services in Enumclaw and nothing can stop your turf areas from thriving, even the hot weather. There are many other companies providing lawn services in the area, but none come as highly recommended as we do.

Call us today to discuss your summer lawn care requirements and let us tailor a lawn care program to suit your unique needs and budget. We will:

  • Schedule lawn services at your convenience
  • Never cut corners on your lawn
  • Offer natural, safe lawn care options
  • Leave your yard clean and beautiful

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 to learn more about its summer lawn services for Enumclaw residents.

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