French Drain Installation Services in Lynnwood


Standing water not only looks bad but is also potentially harmful. If you have standing water in your backyard, French drain installation may be the best option. Offering services in Lynnwood, WA, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the one-stop solution for all your drainage related issues.

We set out to achieve excellence in carrying out the best yet most cost-effective solutions with our work. Before French drain installation is done on your Lynnwood property, we provide:

  • Comprehensive analysis of issue
  • Custom-made solutions
  • Thorough inspection before work
  • Well-crafted French drain design

French drain installation is an effective measure to mitigate drainage issues. It simply re-routes the water from a stagnant area and lets the water move away. Well-channeled water removal ensures that the beauty of your residential or commercial property remains intact in terms, and that you have a solid foundation on your home or commercial building.

A Catch Basin is Another Option for Lynnwood Drainage Problems


A sloped area with a down gradient can cause water to collect water, but a catch basin can make this much less problematic. Provided it is carefully designed, a catch basin could be the best drainage solution you could get for your Lynnwood property.

Calling us to install a catch basin in your yard brings you great relief from water-related issues. Some additional perks of catch basin installation include:

  • Improved ground water table
  • Easy removal of waste water
  • Grates to assure solid waste management
  • Water directed to local sewage system

A Trench Drain Can Channel Water Away from Lynnwood Landscaping


A trench drain is a surface drainage system that offers vanity solutions for homeowners worried about "ugly" drains or grates. Our expert professionals are able to drain that excess water away using a trench drain installation technique, without ruining the curb appeal of your Lynnwood property.

Our trench drain installation service assures you of quality work with great exteriors. Our team of highly trained and dedicated individuals ensures that the work is done with:

  • Great care
  • High precision
  • Guaranteed solutions

Water-logged areas are a nuisance and a risk to any property. Are you facing such problems? Get a trench drain installed today -- you can thank us later.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for a French drain, catch basin or trench drain installation service on your Lynnwood property.