Landscape Installation

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Landscape Maintenance Programs

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Landscaping Services for Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping-Ravensdale-WACedar County Landscaping, Inc. is all about making landscaping dreams come true.

There is nothing we love more than helping you create idyllic landscaping on your residential or commercial property, a beautiful sanctuary that adds endless happiness and peace to your lives.

In every landscape design and installation project, we strive to build magnificent landscaping that becomes the property owner’s very own paradise.

That is why our experts focus on creating for you a custom landscape design that reflects your unique:

  • Vision
  • Personality
  • Priorities
  • Tastes and preferences

For us, making an individualized landscape design is a passion, completing landscaping installation to bring that landscape design from paper to ground is a pleasure, and giving constant pleasure to you through regular landscaping maintenance and lawn care is a privilege.

Landscaping a yard involves enhancing its natural features for creating a beautiful as well as functional environment. Making this happen is easier said than done.

When you want the landscaping of your residential or commercial property to be done right, you have no better option than hiring us.

Being expert professional landscapers, we can guide you towards an optimized landscaping design and explore options that you might not even be aware of. Our in-depth knowledge of horticulture allows us to install a sustainable landscaping that thrives in the local climatic conditions and takes your investment a long way.

We can also follow it all up with proper landscaping maintenance services through different times of the year.

With us taking care of your landscaping needs, all you have to do is take great pride in your property and optimal pleasure from your yard!

Landscape Design and Installation Services

Landscape-Design-Ravensdale-WAOur landscape design and installation services are delivered with a long-term perspective.

We combine our creativity with your ideas and an analysis of your property’s topography to create an inspiring landscape design using a mix of:

  • Lawn or grounds
  • Landscaping plants, trees and flowers
  • Water features
  • Hardscape elements
  • Landscaping lights

We have everything that you look for in the landscaping company you hire to landscape your property.

We offer top-notch landscape design expertise, quality workmanship in landscaping installation, vast plant knowledge and the highest levels of professionalism and dependability.

Our commitment to you goes well beyond landscape design and installation and continues on with landscape maintenance and lawn care services. Our affordable pricing adds to all this to make us the ideal landscape design, landscape installation and lawn care expert!

We work with the objective of turning your dreams about landscaping of your property into a reality. Whether we are hired to landscape a yard from a scratch or to renovate the existing landscape, our designers work closely with you. They listen to your ideas and run their own creative inputs by you. The end result is a unique landscape design that is tailored to create a dream yard for you.

Our company can design the landscaping for yards of any size and work within different budget constraints. You may call us to landscape a small or sprawling yard, we assure you of a design that makes most innovative and practical use of the space.

We also make sure that all the landscaping installations are done with keen eye on detail, using top-grade materials.

Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance

Lawn-Care-Ravensdale-WACan an exquisite landscape design and installation last long without proper care and upkeep? Of course it can’t! Even the best of lawns and yards need regular lawn care and yard maintenance to stay healthy and attractive.

Our landscape design and installation professionals are careful to select plants and materials that make your landscaping great to look at, and easy and economical to maintain.

We also offer a lawn care and maintenance program that keeps your yard looking at its best all year round. Our well-trained, courteous lawn care technicians maintain your property with utmost care and professionalism by providing:

  • Regularly scheduled lawn care
  • Efficient and neat lawn care
  • Complete and thorough lawn care

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to make a beautifully landscaped yard keep looking attractive at all times. Lawn care and yard maintenance is often associated with watering the foliage and occasional sweeping away debris from the walkways. However, the fact is that proper landscaping maintenance involves a lot more than this and can be quite time-consuming as well as back-breaking.

Our landscaping company is ready to do this tough job for you so that you can relax and have one of the most attractive yards in the neighborhood without sweating it out! Get in touch with us today to learn about the seasonal yard maintenance services and customized lawn care packages offered by us.

Let Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. take the stress out of your landscaping project and yard maintenance. Call 425-358-2779 today for a free quote on landscape design and lawn care.

Our Favorites

Here are some of our favorite landscaping projects that we’ve handled over the years. For more images click on the view gallery link or give us a call to talk about your landscaping dreams!