Black Diamond Lawn Care


Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides great landscape design in Black Diamond, WA. If you employ our services, our professionals go all out to provide outstanding designs in the Black Diamond region.

Established in 1995, it is our passion to create designs that simply leave Black Diamond residents in awe. We always strive to beautify your property in a way that you can derive pleasure from it years from now.

With all our landscape design plans for residents of the Black Diamond region, we try to build our customers their own wonderland. Our experts always try to present you with a design that truly emulates your:

  • Perception
  • Character
  • Desires and choices

Black Diamond Lawn Service


Our landscape designer serving Black Diamond is devoted to designing something absolutely exclusive for your property. Our landscape designer in the Black Diamond region considers designing your landscape a huge privilege.

Our landscape designer serving Black Diamond always tries to come up with something mesmerizing. Our landscape designer analyzes your property and takes into account your ideas and combines them with his creativity. The result usually consists of:

  • Landscape lights
  • Water features
  • Grounds or lawns

Our landscape designer serving Black Diamond has plenty of experience and has dedicated his life to proposing magnificent designs for our clients. The professionalism and reliability that our landscape designer has cannot be easily matched.

Black Diamond Lawn Maintenance


Landscape design plans we offer to Black Diamond residents consists of everything a client looks for while hiring a company to beautify their property. However, we do not stop at just setting up our landscape design plans on your Black Diamond property. We also provide lawn care and landscape maintenance services.

By offering affordable and beautiful landscape design plans in the Black Diamond area, we have been able to create a huge customer base. The landscape design plans made by our experts include only those plants that are inexpensive, pretty and easily maintained.

In addition to landscape design plans, you can employ Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for the maintenance and care of your lawn all year long. The service our professionals render is:

  • Valuable
  • Intensive
  • Legitimate

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. renders the finest landscape services. Call (425) 358-2779 now and employ our outstanding landscape designer in the Black Diamond, WA region.

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