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Maple Valley Irrigation Sprinklers Installation


Since 1995, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has been the foremost choice of home and business owners who want a professionally installed irrigation sprinkler system in their Maple Valley, WA properties. We credit our success and popularity to our commitment to delivering irrigation sprinklers installation services that go beyond the highest industry standards and surpass all customer expectations.

When you call us to set up an irrigation system to keep the yard properly watered, you put your investment in the most capable hands you could have hired. Our technicians have long experience in handling simple as well as extensive, intricate irrigation sprinklers installations. We use the finest products on the market for our irrigation sprinklers installation jobs in Maple Valley.

Our irrigation sprinklers installation services assure you of an irrigation system that is:

  • Neatly laid out
  • Extremely efficient
  • Not susceptible to frequent breakdowns
  • Very durable

Maple Valley Irrigation Sprinkler


A well-designed, expertly-installed irrigation sprinkler system can be beneficial for property owners on several counts. It relieves them from spending any time in watering the landscape and also spares them the labor of pulling heavy hoses around the yard.

Equally significant are the economical and environmental benefits that come from using an irrigation sprinkler system. Maple Valley residents who have invested in a below or above ground sprinkler system can also have the satisfaction of conserving water and saving on water bills. Their irrigation sprinkler system covers the entire yard systemically and hydrates it adequately without wasting water.

We can help you too enjoy these benefits by providing your property with:

  • A suitable irrigation system design
  • Sprinklers installed at strategic locations all over the yard
  • Taking care of all irrigation system maintenance and repair needs

Maple Valley Irrigation System


At our landscaping company, we love not just creating mesmerizing landscapes but also helping our customers take pleasure in their beautiful outdoors for years to come.

We believe that an efficient irrigation sprinkler system plays a big role in sustaining the landscape. Therefore, we offer a complete bouquet of services to ensure a consistently high-performing irrigation system in Maple Valley properties. Irrigation system design, installation, maintenance and repair � we do it all.

All our services for irrigation sprinkler systems are marked by:

  • Unmatched workmanship
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Best prices

Suffer the hassles of conventional irrigation methods no more! Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for irrigation sprinklers installation in Maple Valley.

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