Bonney Lake French Drain


Is there a section of your yard or property that always seems to retain more water? Are you wondering what can be done to prevent the next rainstorm from flooding your Bonney Lake, WA yard?

Call Cedar County Landscaping. We can help you with our French drain installation services. A French drain is made up of:

  • A plastic drain pipe
  • Gravel
  • Tarps

Depending on the needs of your particular property, we will have to determine your French drain depth and size. If you’re worried about the French drain cost, though, let us assure you we charge reasonably.

With the proper French drain installation, your property will no longer retain water!

Bonney Lake Catch Basin


Do you want something a little bit more contained and easier to install than a French drain? Why not try a catch basin?

A catch basin is a lot like a storm drain, without the connections to the Bonney Lake sewer system. We install it just below the surface of the ground and place a grate over the top.

Once installed, a catch basin can:

  • Retain a large amount of water
  • Prevent your landscape from flooding
  • Slowly release water back into the ground

A concrete catch basin is quite popular in Bonney Lake, as it is a porous material that is easy to maintain.

As long as you keep the grate and return flow pipe cleaned, you will have no problems with your catch basin.

Bonney Lake Trench Drain


You probably have seen plenty of trench drain styles in the area, but never knew what they were. A trench drain is often found on sidewalks, in parking lots, in garages, and even stores that have wet floors.

There is a thin grate that can be walked or driven over, but below it is a small drain that leads to gutters, sewers, or a runoff area.

If you have landscaping in Bonney Lake that is frequently exposed to excess moisture, heavy duty trench drains could be right for you.

We can install a trench drain:

  • Easily
  • Quickly
  • At minimal cost

Because they are often inconspicuous, you don’t have to worry about a trench drain marring the appearance of your property or landscaping.

You can also rest easy knowing that your landscaping is safe from standing water or running rain.

Are you wondering if a French drain or catch basin is right for your Bonney Lake commercial or residential landscaping?

Call Cedar County Landscaping at (425) 358-2779 to talk about your options.

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