Buckley French Drain


Are you wondering how to build a French drain? Because French drain design is highly customized to your property as well as your water removal needs, you should call only the professionals.

For your French drain installation project in Buckley, WA, you should call Cedar County Landscaping. We can provide:

  • Exceptional French drain design
  • Low French drain cost
  • Pipe or no-pipe options

A French drain provides a channel for water to travel through without damaging your landscaping or property.

Sometimes a French drain is placed under the grass in your yard, while other times French drain basement options are chosen to prevent flooding there.

Call our professionals today to see how our French drain options can benefit you.

Buckley Catch Basin


Do you wish you had another storm drain on your property when it rains? While a storm drain is often connected to the city’s sewer system, you can have a catch basin storm drain installed on your Buckley property.

A catch basin comes with an overflow or return pipe, which means that water is slowly pumped back into the ground once the water reaches a certain level.

Our concrete catch basin also allows for:

  • Longer lasting storm drainage
  • Increased safety of your landscaping and property
  • Safe removal of debris and water

Once we install your new catch basin in Buckley, we will show you how to properly maintain it, as well as keep the grate and basin clear of debris.

As long as you keep your catch basin in working order, it will prevent your landscaping from the damaging effects of excess water.

Buckley Trench Drain


A trench drain is a common feature on many commercial properties, as well as in apartment and housing complexes. Essentially, a trench drain is drain cut into concrete, asphalt, or other flooring with a grate placed over it.

This allows water to flow over the walkway or flooring and into the trench drain. From there, the trench drain funnels the water away from the landscaping.

For your Buckley property, a trench drain could help:

  • Prevent people from stomping in water, mud, or even ice
  • Maintain your investment in landscaping
  • Prevent costly repairs from excess moisture

What are you waiting for? If you need a trench drain to help move water away from your landscaping, property’s inhabitants, or sub floors and basements, call us ASAP!

Cedar County Landscaping can help you with your French drain or catch basin needs in Buckley. Call us today at (425) 358-2779.

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