Fall City Irrigation Services


Although rain water is one of the best ways for a lawn or garden to receive water, it’s not the most reliable. Among several efficient irrigation systems, sprinkler systems are preferred by many people in the Fall City, WA area.

Sprinklers installation ensures:

  • Regular and adequate irrigation
  • Prevention of water waste
  • Savings of time and energy

Considering the increasing demand, many companies are offering their irrigation services for the installation of sprinkler systems including designing, repair or replacement. We at Cedar Country Landscaping, Inc. offer our professional guidance and irrigation services to Fall City residents.

Due to our practical suggestions and cost-effective services for our clients, we are a trusted name among companies offering irrigation services in the area.

Fall City Lawn Irrigation


The amount of water required for lawns depends upon the type of soil and the size of your property. For stronger and deeper roots, lawn irrigation should be deep and intermittent. An efficient lawn sprinkler system should be installed for proper lawn irrigation from reliable irrigation services providers.

We are specialists in lawn irrigation systems and can help you with the installation of sprinkler systems for your lawn. In addition, our skillful and creative technicians can also provide their expert lawn irrigation services to create and maintain an attractive landscape for your house as well.

We offer our professional lawn irrigation services for the installation of automatic sprinkler systems to Fall City residents with:

  • Thought-out designs
  • High quality pumps and pipes
  • Timers, valves and spray heads

The fact remains that cost of installation of a sprinkler system depends upon the area of the lawn. However, we assure our best lawn irrigation services to our clients at the most reasonable prices.

Fall City Garden Irrigation


Garden irrigation, unlike lawn irrigation, is based upon water distribution at low pressure through a network of pipes meant for each plant. Drip irrigation and soaker hoses systems are most preferred modes of garden irrigation and are best suited for vegetable garden irrigation.

We specialize in the installation of drip irrigation and soak hoses systems for vegetable garden irrigation systems. If you plan to install or repair any sprinkle, drip or soaker hoses systems for garden irrigation in Fall City, you want professionally qualified technicians.

You can rely on us as, we are:

  • Highly experienced
  • Committed to quality
  • Guaranteed to please

If you need lawn and garden irrigation in Fall City, contact Cedar Country Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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