North Bend Landscape Design


Designing the landscape of your residential or commercial property in North Bend, WA is too important of a project to be trusted to just any landscaper. Contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., a leading landscaping company that has been designing and installing landscapes in the community since 1995.

We believe that a landscaping design should offer an ideal combination of beauty and functionality. Therefore, we create landscape design plans for your North Bend property only after carefully considering all relevant aspects of the job.

We are staffed by extremely competent landscapers who consider a long-term perspective in landscape design. To create aesthetic and efficient landscape design plans for North Bend residents, our landscapers take into account all significant elements, such as:

  • Property size, layout and orientation
  • Environmental factors
  • Desired mix of foliage, hardscapes and water features
  • Drainage and irrigation facilities

North Bend Landscape Designer


We offer a wide range of landscape design services in the North Bend area. Do you need an imaginative landscape designer to remodel your landscape and breathe new life into it? Are you looking for a reliable landscape designer in North Bend to landscape your new construction? We have you covered!

With Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. as your landscape designer, your North Bend home or business place is sure to get a wonderful landscape that:

  • Enhances your property’s aesthetics and value
  • Brings a definite improvement in your daily life
  • Increases pride in your property
  • Will be greatly admired by your guests and family/staff

North Bend Landscape Design Plans


To reach completion without any hassle, the first step should be balanced and in the right direction! In the context of landscaping projects, the first crucial step is proper landscape design plans for the North Bend property. Hire our landscape designer and be assured of the right landscape design plans for your North Bend home or commercial place.

Our knowledgeable and experienced landscape designer realizes that all our customers have different ideas and expectations for their landscaping projects. That is why we offer highly customized landscape design plans for North Bend residents.

Our landscape designer has detailed discussions with clients before creating landscape design plans for North Bend customers that:

  • Reflect their outdoor vision
  • Work within their budget
  • Are practical and sustainable

Hire Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for the finest in landscaping design services for your property in North Bend, WA. Call (425) 358-2779 today!

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