Mercer Island Landscape Lighting


Installation of landscape lights is a dramatic improvement that can add beauty, functionality and security to the outdoor living spaces of any property. Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for design and installation of landscape lighting in your Mercer Island, WA property if you want to make better, safer use of your outdoor areas.

Our landscaping company employs a team of expert electricians who are experienced in the installation of outdoor lights. When you call us to set up your landscape lighting, we make sure that your outdoor living spaces are enhanced with lights that are:

  • Strategically placed
  • Seamlessly installed
  • Of superior quality

We offer wide-ranging options in landscape lighting for your Mercer Island property. Whether you want designer landscape lights to accentuate the hardscape elements, regular light fixtures to illuminate outdoor living spaces, motion sensor outdoor lights to improve landscape security or low-voltage landscape lighting to ensure energy-efficiency, we have you covered.

Mercer Island Outdoor Lights


Lighting up the yard at night is the best solution to keep intruders out of your property, and to reduce crime in your neighborhood. Deterring trespassers and burglars is not the only way that outdoor lights make your Mercer Island landscape safer.

Installation of outdoor lights also improve night-time visibility in your yard, which ensures that there are fewer chances of:

  • Tripping on walkways
  • Missing a stair
  • Getting tangled in low-lying branches

We understand that you want landscape lighting options that ensure protection of your property, but that also keep energy costs under control. That’s why we install motion sensor as well as solar outdoor lights.

Mercer Island Landscape Lights


Your landscaped yard is incomplete without landscape lights. Call us today to light up your beautiful outdoor surroundings, as well as to increase curb appeal, safety and value of the property. Our technicians can be hired to install landscape lighting throughout the yard or just in the patio, lawn, garden or pool area.

We have been installing residential and commercial landscape lights on Mercer Island properties since 1995. Over the years, we have proved ourselves to be an extremely customer-friendly business. We meet your requirements for landscape lights with:

  • High-grade products and materials
  • Upfront and affordable pricing
  • Error-free, code-compliant installations

Schedule an appointment with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today for design and installation of outdoor lights in your Mercer Island property. Reach us at (425) 358-2779.

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