Tree Trimming Medina


Timely and proper tree trimming is key to a successful tree care program. Tree pruning is an art as well as a science. Through careful removal of overextending, dead, diseased, overcrowding, and low-hanging branches, tree trimming has a significant impact on the appearance as well as the health of trees.

However, you should make sure that tree trimming in your Medina, WA area property is done by proven pros who understand tree biology and ensure masterful pruning producing all the benefits of:

  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Eliminated decay and infection
  • Growth stimulation
  • Prolonged lifespan

Make Cedar County Landscaping your first call for tree trimming services in the Medina area. Founded in 1995, our company has proven its exceptional tree pruning capabilities over many jobs. Seasoned tree care experts staff us with a reputation for performing professional, seamless trimming on every job.

Tree Pruning Medina


Are you an enthusiast do-it-yourselfer and feel tempted to trim the trees in the yard on your own? We would advise you to refrain from handling this task. Unless you hire trained experts for tree pruning, you could end up with severe damage to this valuable landscaping asset due to incorrect cuts.

DIY tree trimming could also result in the destruction of nearby buildings or hardscape features by falling limbs. Moreover, climbing high on the tree to take out branches also makes pruning a dangerous job.

Be sure of proper, safe, incident-free tree pruning in your Medina area property by hiring us for the job. Our technicians come to your tree trimming job with:

  • Extensive, skills and experience
  • State-of-the-art tools
  • Proper safety gear
  • Commitment to doing seamless work

Medina Tree Care


We are a dedicated tree care provider. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than contributing to the prosperity and health of your trees. Hire us for your residential or commercial tree care needs around Medina with the peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

Our technicians trim and prune your trees as diligently as if they were working in their yard. They:

  • Are an expert at climbing and working on tall trees
  • Have in-depth knowledge of diverse tree species
  • Can give you helpful tips on tree care and maintenance

Our services are available for both ornamental and fruit tree pruning.

Cedar County Landscaping is the go-to expert for residential and commercial tree pruning service in the Medina area. Call (425) 358-2779 to schedule a trimming job with our tree care specialists.

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