Water Line Repair South King County


When you need underground water line repair services in around South King County, WA and want the assurance of a professional job, there is only one name to know – Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

Founded in 1995, our company has long been providing the homeowners throughout this community with outstanding services for repairing water lines from the meter to the house. We offer comprehensive underground water line repair services, and our capabilities include:

  • Fixing a water line leak
  • Replacing a collapsed or corroded water service line
  • Clearing out a clogged water supply pipe

Place a call to us when you observe an issue with your water service. It could be anything like dropped water pressure, no water supply, the flow of discolored water or flow of foul-smelling water. You can count on us for correct and reliable solutions for your underground water line repair job in South King County.

Underground Water Line Repair South King County


Our focus while dealing with the waterline leak, clog or break in your home is to resolve the issue quickly and permanently. We are also committed to minimizing your inconvenience and expenditures because of the repairs.

We send in a skilled team of experienced technicians to carry out underground water line repair in your South King County area home. Our technicians bring along cutting–edge repair tools and technologies. They also come prepared with quality supplies so that there are no unnecessary holdups on the job.

Our professionals ensure that their underground water line repair work:

  • Is what was needed
  • Can stand the test of time
  • Does not destroy your property

South King County Water Line Leak


Not many homeowners appreciate how important it is to get a water line leak fixed without delay. Most people put up with a leaky water service line as long as their home continues to receive a water supply at an adequate pressure.

Ignoring water line leak symptoms in your South King County area home can result in extensive property damage, and you will also be paying hefty water bills unnecessarily. Be proactive and watch for signs of a water main leak.

If you suspect a water line leak, call us to fix it:

  • Quickly
  • With precision
  • Without major yard destruction
  • In a smooth, stress-free process

We charge competitive pricing to keep your underground water line repair costs affordable.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the expert homeowners rely on for water line leak repair around the South King County area. Call (425) 358-2779.

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