Newcastle Lawn Sprinkler System


Are you worried that your lawn or landscaping isn’t getting enough water? Is your Newcastle, WA landscape dry or hard to maintain?

Watering by hand can be time-consuming and it can waste a lot of water. This is why Cedar County Landscaping has perfected the art of the automatic lawn sprinkler system.

With our lawn sprinkler systems, property owners can:

  • Save money on water
  • Save time and energy
  • Properly care for their landscapes
  • Increase the value of their property

Lawn sprinkler companies may be plentiful in the area, but our company is highly trusted by residents because of our commitment to quality.

All of our lawn sprinkler parts are high end and covered by warranties, which means that any lawn sprinkler system we install on your property will be taken care of for years to come.

Newcastle Sprinkler System Installation


Sprinkler system installation prices can be intimidating if you choose the wrong company to work with in Newcastle.

With us, though, you get prices and installation that are exceptional. Our sprinkler system design can accommodate any:

  • Budget
  • Property size
  • Watering needs
  • Unique plants and flora

Whether you’re just tired of losing plants from under-watering or you want to save time on hand watering, our sprinkler system installation in Newcastle is a great option.

We can help you decide which design, parts, and prices fit your needs best and customize a sprinkler system installation to your property.

Don’t underestimate the added value to your property when you invest in our sprinkler system installation.

Newcastle Sprinkler Repair


With so many sprinkler repair guy options to choose from, many residents in the Newcastle area don’t know why they should hire a company like ours.

Unfortunately, when they work with less experienced and qualified people, they find out the hard way.

With our sprinkler repair services, you always get:

  • Honest answers
  • Trusted results
  • An affordable sprinkler repair price

Why waste your time, energy, and money to gamble on a sprinkler repair guy who doesn’t have the tools, experience, or reputation that we do?

We promise all of our customers honest answers to their sprinkler repair problems and only recommend full replacement of a sprinkler system when absolutely necessary.

Want to evenly water your yard? Sick of paying too much in water bills?

Talk to Cedar County Landscaping about a new lawn sprinkler system for your Newcastle property. Dial (425) 358-2779.

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