Newcastle Retaining Wall


An artistic retaining wall at your Newcastle, WA residence can remarkably enhance the aesthetic value of your property. Apart from shielding your plot of land against the disastrous effects of erosion, a retaining wall at your Newcastle home can also be used to create picturesque vertical gardens and cool sitting areas! At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.,

we are the leading constructors of retaining walls for Newcastle properties.

A retaining wall at your Newcastle residence is associated with the following benefits:

  • Looks really attractive and mirrors your aesthetic sense
  • Excellent solution for soil runoff
  • Affordable
  • Negligible or no maintenance
  • Lasts for several years

Our team members work hard to provide a striking a balance between the visual and functional elements of the retaining wall designed for your Newcastle home.

Newcastle Rock Garden


A Rock Garden at your Newcastle property can be a fabulous option if you are looking forward to incorporating some classic, sculptural elements for timeless elegance. Retaining walls or a rock garden at your Newcastle residence is the safest bet for those stretches of land where mowing is difficult.

The most exciting fact is that, once you have a rock garden created at your Newcastle home, you will hardly have to bother with maintenance. Our retaining walls and rock garden implementations in Newcastle can take care of themselves for ages!

For rock gardens, we:

  • Draw inspiration from different parts of the world
  • Use different shapes and colors for different moods
  • Create designs which resemble sculptures
  • Create an aura of mesmerizing serenity

Based on your landscaping requirements, our professionals can guide you in making appropriate choices for the rock garden at your Newcastle property.

Newcastle Retaining Walls


Now that you are seriously considering the construction of retaining walls for your Newcastle home, you can rely on our highly skilled, courteous staff for prompt delivery of services. We specialize in engineering retaining walls made of natural stone, timber, boulders, and interlocking blocks for Newcastle properties.

Enjoy these advantages by installing retaining walls at your residence:

  • Superb finishes
  • Weather resistance
  • Great structural strength
  • Serves multiple purposes

Our aim is to setup retaining walls for your property exactly the way you want. At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we would be glad to hear from you. Reach us at (425) 358-2779.

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