Pacific Landscape Boulders


Decorative boulders and large landscape rocks add a different appeal to a landscape. Additionally, they also serve several functions. If you are looking to improve the landscape of your home with landscape boulders in the Pacific, WA, you can rely on Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

Started in 1995, our company is committed to helping people achieve their dream yard. We are known for our top-notch landscape expertise, quality workmanship and professionalism. Landscape boulders are beneficial to residents who do not have enough time to maintain their yards.

Why use boulders? They are:

  • Good focal pieces
  • Alternatives to trees or shrubs
  • Easy to maintain

Additionally, landscape boulders make for the perfect corner closure of a pool. We have the right expertise that will help you find the perfect boulders for your rock garden.

Pacific Large Landscape Rocks


If you are looking for large landscape rocks for your Pacific home, you’re sure to find something impressive with us. We have a wide range of large landscape rocks including different colors and shapes.

The right landscape boulders for your yard can make a big difference in terms of its aesthetics. We help you choose the right landscape boulders while providing you with a breathtaking design. Factors to consider while choosing large landscape rocks for your yard include:

  • Choosing local rocks
  • Picking properly sized ones
  • Choosing 2-3 complementing rocks

Large landscape rocks can be used to group plants and also anchor the landscape. We will help elevate the surroundings through our excellent workmanship.

Pacific Decorative Boulders


If you are looking to upgrade your landscape, you should consider decorative boulders for your Pacific area home. Decorative boulders are a great way to get rid of several landscape issues, such as an unwanted slope, boring entry walkways, etc.

Decorative boulders are often overlooked but they actually provide your landscape with a profound upgrade. Advantages of decorative boulders include:

  • Timeless looks
  • Longer life
  • Minimum maintenance

Whether you are looking for large landscape rocks or decorative boulders for your Pacific area yard, you can call us. We will assess your space and provide you with an innovative design as well.

Looking for landscape boulders for your Pacific property? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. now at (425) 358-2779 for a range of large landscape rocks and decorative boulders.

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