Kent Landscape Renovations


Everyone in Kent, WA will agree that living and recreational needs change with time. Moreover, with continuous exposure to the elements of nature, it is natural for the front and back yards of your property to get dull and drab. That is why property owners occasionally find it necessary to go in for landscape renovations.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the front yard landscaping and backyard makeover expert they should come to. We have been offering our expert services for performing landscape renovations for the following reasons:

  • Freshen up outdated landscapes
  • Bring unmanageable landscaping into order
  • Revive dull lawns and plantings
  • Repair a damaged landscape

If you feel that existing back or front yard landscaping on your property no longer reflects your refined aesthetic sense and lifestyle, call us for landscape renovations in Kent. We are known for carrying out highly customized landscape renovations. Our front yard landscaping modification and backyard makeover services in Kent are sure to create the exact outdoor living spaces that you have envisioned.

You can choose from the several of our landscape designs and ideas. We have several pictures of the landscape renovations done so far. However, if you are unsure of the pre-designed landscapes and have a certain idea in your mind, let us know about it as we will bring it to reality.

Our skilled and trained technicians will not only customize the landscape renovations as per your preference but also as per your budget. You can get an estimate of the costs involved in the entire landscape renovations. With us as the company for front yard landscaping and backyard makeover, you can rest assured regarding the costs as we charge reasonably.

Kent Front Yard Landscaping


Want landscape renovations on your front yard that make your home the highlight of the community? Our landscape renovations experts can help you modify your front yard landscaping in Kent. With the new landscaping done on your property, you are sure to get accolades from all quarters of the community. You will also find an increase in the curb appeal and financial value of your home after the landscaping project is complete.

We offer front yard landscaping renovation services to turn your landscape ideas and dreams into reality. Our technicians work hard to give you a front yard landscaping in Kent that you love and be proud of. They perform the front yard landscaping meticulously, ensuring that:

  • It meets all your needs
  • The outcomes exceed your expectations
  • Our services fit your budget

Unmatched professional prowess and sincerely customer focused services have made us the most trusted choice of the community’s homeowners for renovating their front yard landscaping in Kent. These are also the reasons why we are recommended to other homeowners in Kent and otherwise. You can call us to add sprinklers, waterfalls, walkways and even a quiet corner to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

In addition to changing the front yard landscaping of your property, we will also look at the existing sprinkler system, the drainage system and the planted trees and plants. If there is any requirement of replacing or repairing these systems, we will cater to them as well.

Our motto is to give your front yard landscaping in Kent the look and feel that you desire. Once the work is complete, the onlookers, your neighbors and your guests will be left agape. With the new front yard landscaping you will want to spend more time here to enjoy the nature.

Kent Backyard Makeover


Our expertise in landscape renovations extends to backyard makeover services in Kent. We offer backyard makeover services to enhance your enjoyment of the yard. As an established and experienced company for landscape renovations, we ensure that you get the best value added services

No matter how challenging your backyard makeover in Kent job might be, we are confident of completing it to your delight. We ensure excellent results from your backyard makeover in Kent through:

  • Imaginative landscape designing
  • Flawless landscaping installation & repairs
  • Use of top-quality landscaping materials

If you think your backyard needs landscape renovations, call us for a free quote on your backyard makeover in Kent now! Let this be your first step towards a thoroughly satisfying and rewarding backyard makeover project. You can rely on our highly skilled and trained technicians for all services related to the backyard makeover.

Equipped with the best and the latest equipment and the knowledge of high quality landscaping, our technicians will transform your front yard and give a backyard makeover as per your liking.

Planning for front yard landscaping or a backyard makeover to enhance your Kent property? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for expert services for landscape renovations.

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