Fife French Drain


Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is a seasoned company offering reliable French drain services in Fife, WA, and the surrounding regions. French drains are typically installed in underground trenches dug around the property perimeter.

Fife French drain systems are incredibly effective and act as a front-line defense to safeguard the structure from water damage.

Our technicians have undergone extensive training to develop thorough expertise on Fife French drain mechanisms and deliver an exceptional service experience while addressing your requirements.

We can also help ensure that the Fife French drain is an attractive aesthetic addition to your property, complementing the landscape around your estate.

We can address a wide range of French drain inquiries, including:

  • French drain cost
  • French drain installation
  • French drain in yard
  • French drain landscaping

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Fife Catch Basin


Our highly skilled technicians can help you with top-notch Fife catch basin solutions. Catch basins are an integral part of many landscape drainage systems, helping maintain a smooth water flow and catching debris, which helps prevent pipes downstream from becoming clogged.

We can assist you with dependable Fife catch basin services, delivered at an affordable cost.

You can count on a trusted company of our standing to carry out the installation, maintenance and repairs for the Fife catch basin at your residential or commercial property.

A Fife catch basin is an excellent preventative measure against issues like water logging, which can harm nearby plants and trees and spoil your landscape.

We offer services for various catch basin variants, such as:

  • Curb inlets
  • Area inlets
  • Storm drains
  • Catch basin covers

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Fife Trench Drain


Our company has amassed a formidable reputation for our Fife trench drain solutions by consistently delivering successful projects over the years. A Fife trench drain can help you save your valuable time and thousands of dollars in repairs by mitigating the possibility of standing water that could lead to driveways cracking and damage to the house foundation.

Fife trench drain systems feature simple and clean lines, making it easy to incorporate them into most landscapes.

Our personnel will thoroughly evaluate your landscape and understand your preferences to recommend the suitable Fife trench drain solutions that fulfill your requirements effectively and efficiently.

We help manage numerous needs for a trench drain, including:

  • Trench drain repair
  • Trench drain cleaning
  • Trench drain design
  • Trench drain replacement

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