Bellevue Artificial Grass


A lawn is probably the first thing that all home and business owners get installed on their properties. After all, no property looks complete without a beautiful turf area. Growing a thick, healthy lawn and maintaining at all times, however, is extremely challenging.

It is quite common for lawns to:

  • Dry out and develop bald patches in hot summers
  • Rot because of heavy rains
  • Die due to exposure to frost and snow
  • Get destroyed by excessive weed growth
  • Suffer damage due to poor maintenance

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers artificial grass installation in Bellevue, WA as a wonderful alternative. Synthetic grass is not plagued by any problem that real grass faces.

So, those who hire us to install artificial grass in Bellevue are assured of a flourishing turf area throughout the year. We can install artificial turf in homes and commercial properties.

Bellevue Artificial Turf


Round-the-clock enjoyment of a robust lawn is not the only benefit you get by opting for artificial turf. Investing in our artificial grass installation services also helps you:

  • Save on water bills
  • Minimize your lawn maintenance hassles
  • Have better air quality on your property
  • Do your bit towards environmental conservation

Recurring savings in utility and lawn care expenses mean that you can expect to recover your synthetic grass installation investment in a few years.

Synthetic grass does not need to be watered or sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides. This makes artificial turf installation in your Bellevue property an eco-friendly option.

Moreover, your kids and pets will not get muddy, infected by pests, or catch pollen allergies when they play on artificial grass.

Bellevue Synthetic Grass


We use premium quality products for our synthetic grass installation jobs in Bellevue. The artificial turf we install:

  • Is made using the latest, industry-leading technologies
  • Has fine-bladed fibers
  • Flaunts a vibrant, realistic green color
  • Replicates softness and spring-back quality of real grass

The impact of such superior artificial grass products is enhanced with our expert installation techniques.

Have you been reluctant to schedule synthetic grass installation, dreading that the turf will look fake? Relax! You can trust us to give your property an artificial turf that looks and feels just like real grass.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the expert to hire for artificial turf installation in Bellevue. Call (425) 358-2779 to discuss your artificial grass needs.

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