Water Line Installation Services for Snoqualmie Homeowners


Every modern home needs a consistent supply of clean, potable water that can be used for drinking, washing, bathing and more. For that reason, underground water lines for houses are installed to carry the municipal supply from water mains to all the plumbing fixtures and appliances.

This water line installation is a highly specialized job. Professionals with relevant knowledge, skills and equipment should be hired to install water lines for house. In Snoqualmie, WA, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is one of the best companies to call for water line installation services.

Our company is equipped to handle all types of underground water line installation jobs, big and small. We can come in to:

  • Install a water line from street to house
  • Add water lines for new appliances like washer, ice maker, etc.
  • Lay down a complete network of water lines for a house

If you need water line installation services in Snoqualmie, call us now!

Water Line Replacement for Property Owners in Snoqualmie


Though water line installation is a long-term investment, the water pipes develop issues as the home ages. There are many reasons why water lines for houses may fail and most of them are not in your control.

Underground water line repair works can only work so many times. Eventually, you have to go in for water line replacement. This is where we come in.

We offer water line replacement services in Snoqualmie. Whether your home needs main water line replacement, replacement of the pipe connecting the water filtration system or an upgrade of the entire piping system, we have you covered.

Our water line replacement experts:

  • Remove the replaceable pipes carefully
  • Install new piping carefully, as per code
  • Work with the best pipe for underground water supply
  • Cleanup the job site after the job is over

Contact us for a free quote on water line replacement cost.

Why Call Us to Install Water Lines for Your Snoqualmie House?


While investing in new water lines for your house, you want the installation services to combine the best in materials and workmanship.

That is what you get when you call us to install your water lines for houses in Snoqualmie. Our company is committed to bringing you optimal value for your investment in your piping system. We:

  • Work with different types of piping materials
  • Install and replace water lines for houses of any size
  • Ensure seamless water line replacement or installation on every job

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 to schedule a job for water line installation or replacement in your Snoqualmie home.

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