Fall City French Drain


A proper drainage system is an indispensable part of your landscape system. Are you having problems with standing water on the property? Do you not know how to correct this problem? If these are issues you are having in Fall City, WA, you should contact Cedar County Landscaping Inc.

We will assess your landscape and develop the right drainage system. Most commonly used in Fall City is a French drain. Our French drain design can help in managing ground level water, catching it and clearing it from the premises.

By using us for the construction of a French drain in your Fall City home, you can be assured of:

  • Accurate location of the drain
  • Appropriate installation
  • Construction using quality material

Our French drain system includes a gravel-lined ditch, which is attached to a pipe to carry away water. We generally use large gravel, landscape fabric and perforated pipes for construction of the drainage system.

Fall City Catch Basin


Apart from laying drains, our staffs can also help you with the installation of a catch basin in your Fall City home. If you are not familiar with drainage systems, you may like to know that a catch basin refers to the low spots that collect water from your property and discharge it safely.

Depending on the layout of the property, our staff can help lay a catch basin that can collect water from:

  • Planter areas
  • Specific landscape area
  • Downspouts

We have different types and sizes of catch basins. So, it will not be difficult for us to get one that is compatible with your drainage system. Each catch basin is checked for quality to ensure efficiency.

Fall City Trench Drain


Established in 1995, we are skilled at laying different types of drainage systems, including a trench drain around Fall City. Unlike the French drains, a trench drain runs through the floor, like a channel and helps in sweeping away the excess water.

Trench drain systems are mostly installed on:

  • Driveways
  • Landscaped yards
  • Patios

To keep the aesthetics uncompromised, we use different decorative covers to cover the trench drain runoff on the property. Not only residential premises but we can help you with a trench drainage system for commercial complexes as well. Just give us a call today.

For a French drain, trench drain or a catch basin installation in Fall City, call Cedar County Landscaping Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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