Outdoor Kitchens Are a Great Addition to Any Tukwila Yard


Do you want to cook more than burgers on the grill?

Tukwila, WA residents are choosing outdoor kitchens as an alternative to the basic grills that they used in the past.

With outdoor kitchens from Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., residents can:

  • Have a dedicated outdoor cooking space
  • Cook and entertain at the same time
  • Add value to their property

Whatever your reason for choosing outdoor kitchens for your property, we can provide you the best selection.

We have prefab outdoor kitchens or we can design outdoor kitchens and fireplaces that are unique to your property.

Call us today to share your outdoor kitchen ideas and we’ll schedule a consultation so we can get started!

An Outdoor Fireplace Keeps You Warm on Chilly Tukwila Nights


Do you enjoy stargazing but hate being cold? Do you want to enjoy the feeling of an open fire without going camping?

You’re not alone! Many Tukwila homeowners are now installing an outdoor fireplace in their backyard so they can stay warm while enjoying the fresh air or night sky.

Our technicians can install:

  • Outdoor gas fireplace
  • Tables or seating around the fireplace
  • Venting structures to prevent smoke

With professional installation, your outdoor fireplace will keep the air clean, prevent risks of sparks or burns, and will abide by local Tukwila fire codes.

It’s important that you call our professionals, as an outdoor gas fireplace can be dangerous if installed improperly.

We Can Help You Expand Your Outdoor Living Spaces in Tukwila


Are you ready for a backyard that you can finally take full advantage of?

Do you want to increase your property value but don’t want to maintain lots of plants or landscaping?

Our outdoor living designs might be just what you’re looking for. Have you ever considered:

  • Covered outdoor living spaces?
  • Outdoor living rooms?
  • Fireplaces or kitchens?
  • Play areas?

We can do all this and more for our Tukwila clients. We have tons of pictures of outdoor living spaces we have helped create for previous clients, but we’d love to hear your new ideas.

Our outdoor living designs are unique to each client and their lifestyle, and we always cater to pets, children, and the size of the property.

Let’s start your outdoor living spaces project today!

Do you wish you could cook more outside or stay outside when it’s cold? Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces might be just the thing for you.

Tukwila residents should call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 to discuss their ideas for outdoor living spaces.

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