Tree Trimming Services for Auburn Homes and Businesses


Since 1995, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has been providing top-notch tree trimming services in the Auburn, WA area to help homes and businesses flaunt elegant and healthy trees.

At our full-service landscaping company, we appreciate that well-maintained trees make a wonderful addition to the landscape of any residential or commercial property. We also realize that correct tree pruning goes a long way in keeping trees looking majestic and staying disease-free. Therefore, we make sure to handle our tree trimming jobs in Auburn with extreme diligence and professionalism.

You can trust our tree care specialists to serve you with thorough and seamless pruning service. When you hire us for the job, you can expect tree trimming in your Auburn property to be done:

  • By well-trained technicians
  • With advanced equipment
  • Carefully, without damaging the tree or the property

Tree Pruning in Auburn Has Many Benefits


Most people believe that tree trimming has only aesthetic benefits as it makes the tree look symmetrical and well-structured. However, the fact is that our tree pruning service in Auburn properties does not involve cutting away of only overgrown or haphazardly grown branches.

Our tree care experts also cut away decaying or diseased limbs to stop the spread of infection to other parts of the tree. Moreover, we do selective tree pruning in Auburn properties to remove branches that may be blocking sunlight and air from penetrating into the tree. Release of energy throughout the tree is another benefit of our tree trimming work.

This way, our tree pruning services in Auburn properties help in:

  • Improving the appearance of trees
  • Stimulating the growth
  • Increasing the health
  • Enhancing the lifespan

Why Choose Us When You Need Tree Care Services in Auburn?


Tree trimming is not a DIY task. It typically involves climbing high into trees and working with sharp and heavy tree pruning tools. Moreover, improper tree pruning can do considerable harm to the tree. It is important to get tree care services for your Auburn property from trained professionals.

Let us meet all your tree care needs. Our company maintains high standards of quality in all its work and our tree care services for Auburn residents are no exception. Our tree pruning and tree care services are always:

  • Quick, yet accurate
  • Safe and incident-free
  • Affordably-priced

Get in touch with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to get a free quote for tree trimming and other tree care services for your Auburn property. Call us at (425) 358-2779.

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