Edgewood Landscaping Plants


A lush green landscape is a common dream for property owners. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has been making such dreams come true since 1995. We have been installing, maintaining and beautifying the landscaping plants in Edgewood, WA for a long time now.

Our highly trained professionals design the landscape based on your choices and make the best use of the area available. Our work speaks for itself and, whether you want beautifully landscaping bushes or plants, we take care of everything.

From creating the right soil base to maintaining your plants, our professionals do everything in their power to make your landscape a masterpiece.

Here are a few things focus on:

  • Preparing the land
  • Choosing the best landscaping plants and bushes
  • Installing plants and shrubs
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Seasonal plant services

Edgewood Landscaping Bushes


A dull, sparse lawn can mar the beauty of any property, no matter how beautiful the building or area. We have expertise with landscaping bushes and we know how to make a landscape look elegant. Apart from adding beauty, bushes can also provide the necessary fencing or delineation for your property’s borders.

We have been supplying many kinds of landscaping bushes in Edgewood, and we can suggest the most affordable and/or low maintenance landscaping plants to help you make a decision.

We have ace designers on our team who will suggest the most amazing designs for your home or business properties.

We get you the best landscaping bushes by starting with a specific process, which includes:

  • Basic design creation
  • Reviewing landscape shrub pictures
  • Choosing landscaping bushes and plants
  • Plant services are delivered

Edgewood Plant Services


Do you have a liking for lilies? We have got you covered. Whatever plant you choose, we provide you with our exceptional plant services in Edgewood. Our nurseries and gardening experts choose the best plants for you according to your likings and budget for landscaping plants.

We then execute the plan by choosing the plants from local nurseries then planting them to turn your beautiful landscape dream into a reality.

Our plant services are considered one of the best in Edgewood because of our:

  • Professional landscaping plants designs
  • Innovative and trendy ideas
  • Professionals with deep knowledge about plant services

We provide all kinds of plant services; whether you need to build a new landscape or renovate an older one, we can do everything.

Along with planting landscaping bushes, we even do the maintenance for your existing landscapes. Let us take care of the constant care so your landscape can flourish and bloom.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is known for landscaping plants and extensive plant services in Edgewood. Call us at (425) 358-2779.

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