Yard Clean Up Services for Bellevue Home & Office Landscaping


One has to thank bountiful Mother Nature for the vibrant flowers and beautiful shrubbery that makes the landscaping of a home or commercial property a sight to behold! However, the same Mother Nature can have a damaging impact on the yard, particularly during seasonal changes. Comprehensive spring and fall yard clean-up in Bellevue, WA is required to prevent the whims of weather from taking a toll on the landscaping.

Home and office owners should know that spring or fall yard clean up jobs are not DIY jobs. Their best bet for making the landscaping sustainable for the long-term is hiring the professionals at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for fall and spring yard clean-up services in Bellevue.

We offer our customers the benefit of:

  • Extensive industry experience going back to 1995
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Top-line spring and fall yard clean-up tools

Our services can even be hired for yard cleanups after windstorms.

Spring Yard Clean Up to Get Ready for the Growing Season in Bellevue


The time when the landscaping comes out of a long winter sleep is when it is quite susceptible to damages from diseases and pests.

We offer specialized spring yard clean-up services to Bellevue residents for eliminating the lingering effects of the chilly months on their garden. Our spring clean-up also preps the lawn and garden for new growth in the coming days.

As a customer-friendly company, we make sure to:

  • Do our jobs quickly but efficiently
  • Work diligently from a detailed spring yard clean-up checklist
  • Keep the spring yard cleaning cost affordable
  • Cause minimal disturbance for property owners who hire us

Bellevue Fall Yard Clean Up to Prepare for the Winter Months


Lawns and gardens have to be properly winterized so that they stay healthy until the spring. The right time to do this is during fall.

Our landscaping company elicits a sigh of relief for property owners with concerns like “Will my landscaping survive through the winter months?” or “Where can I find high-quality fall yard clean-up services near me in Bellevue?”

We are full-service yard cleanup experts who know all that goes into effective fall yard clean-ups. We prepare the yard for winters with tasks like:

  • Cleaning out old annuals
  • Leaf raking
  • Mulching
  • Installing protective wraps for plants

When it is time for fall or spring yard clean up in Bellevue, it is time to call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Dial (425) 358-2779.

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