Tree Trimming Services for Bellevue Homes and Businesses


Elegant, well-structured trees make a wonderful addition to the beauty and value of a property in Bellevue, WA. People who think that perfect trees “just happen” are greatly mistaken.

A great deal of tree care goes into nurturing a tiny sapling into a big tree. Dedicated tree care services are then required throughout the lifespan of the tree to maintain it for great shape and health. A big part of these services is tree trimming or tree pruning. Regular tree trimming helps Bellevue properties grow trees that are:

  • Symmetrically-shaped
  • Attractive
  • Robust and disease-free

Since 1995, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has been providing professional tree trimming services for Bellevue homes and businesses. Whether you want one-time tree pruning service for your trees or are interested in scheduling tree trimming services for your Bellevue property on a regular basis, we are the experts to call.

Tree Pruning in Bellevue Has Many Benefits


Trimming trees means much more than just snipping away a few branches. Tree pruning work for Bellevue residential or commercial properties involves removal of specific limbs that are overgrown, encroaching, dead, or diseased.

Our tree trimming experts cut away branches selectively to promote tree growth in a particular direction, improve penetration of sunlight & air within the tree, and stop pest infestation from spreading into the tree. We also do tree pruning in Bellevue to remove obstructions and safety hazards created by over-extending branches. With our fruit tree pruning service, Bellevue residents can also enjoy an improved harvest.

Overall, our tree trimming services result in improved:

  • Tree health and aesthetics
  • Landscape beauty
  • Property value
  • Quality of life for our customers

Why Choose Us When You Need Tree Care Services in Bellevue?


Of course you want the best possible care for your painstakingly grown trees. You get that when you hire us to provide tree care services in Bellevue. We are staffed by highly knowledgeable, trained and experienced technicians who:

  • Understand the tree care needs of different species of trees
  • Give top priority to safety
  • Are committed to doing honest and thorough work

Our expertise in tree pruning is unmatched. We have our tree care technicians work in Bellevue homes and businesses with top-of-the-line tree pruning tools.

Dial (425) 358-2779 to know more about tree trimming and other tree care services offered by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. in Bellevue.

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