Water Gardens and Ponds for Kirkland Landscaping


Cedar county landscaping, Inc. has been providing Water Gardens Kirkland, WA since 1995. We endow you with the outstanding water features that enhance the beauty of your place. We have earned ourselves a great reputation in Kirkland. As a full service landscaping company, we design, construct, maintain, irrigate, and provide lightening, outdoor fountains, Water Gardens, ponds and many other facilities for the residents of Kirkland.

Demands vary from one client to the other, so we customize our designs of outdoor fountains and other water features in your Water Gardens Kirkland according to the clients desire and satisfy their requirements in unique ways. We bestow you with the preeminent water features for your Water Gardens and make certain that you are happy with the complete Water Gardens Kirkland.

We bequeath you with the excellent water features for your Water Gardens Kirkland:

  • Bronze Outdoor Fountains
  • Bubbling Outdoor Fountains
  • Wall stone Outdoor Fountains
  • Boulder Outdoor Fountains
  • Floating Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor Fountains in Kirkland – Design and Installation Services


We help you to convert your Water Gardens into a serene, soothing and sound place. We help you with the design and installation service of your outdoor fountains in Kirkland. No matter if it is a waterfall, stream, pond, outdoor fountains, water lilies or colorful fishes; we are capable of creating a piece of heaven in your own Water Gardens.

Each water features designed and created by us in your Water Gardens Kirkland is a distinctive thought uniting outdoor fountains and other water features. We incorporate your requirements with the gorgeous accent of the natural world with the help of stunning outdoor fountains in your Water Gardens Kirkland.

The design and installation services provided by us, gives your Water Gardens Kirkland:

  • Breathtaking water features
  • Live Water
  • Disappearing water features
  • Sterile water
  • Naturalistic water effects

Water Features Add Tranquility to Any Kirkland Landscape


Water Gardens and outdoor fountains installed in the Kirkland area and beyond, including brick and stone water features, landscape waterfalls and ponds add tranquility to any Kirkland Landscape.

Some of the unique and stunning constructions by us in Kirkland include:

  • Stylish pipe shaped outdoor fountains in
  • Spa, with Glass-Tiled area
  • Wall of spillways
  • Limestone Urn Water features
  • Bog

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is a renowned landscaper and unique water features service provider in Kirkland that takes pleasure in constructing attractive landscapes and cheerful customers. Call (425) 358-2779 for our help.

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