Underground Water Line Installation Des Moines


Keeping the landscape hydrated is essential to keep it looking good. In case you are experiencing low water pressure in the outdoor water line, you must get it checked. Installing a new water line is recommended if the existing line is damaged and requires extensive repairs.

Call to Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for efficient and affordable services for underground water line installation in the Des Moines, WA area. From our experience of installing new outdoor water line, we have seen that the most likely causes when new underground water line installation is required, is when the pipes have been:

  • Infiltrated by tree roots
  • Rusted due to age
  • Damaged due to other reasons

Rest assured when you hire us for new water line installation as we ensure reasonable underground water line installation costs. Our technicians are well experienced and adhere to all underground water pipe installation regulations in Des Moines.

Outdoor Water Line Des Moines


The outdoor water line helps in keeping the landscape hydrated at all times. Any obstructions in the line can leave the lawn dry and dull. Call the experts that know how to run water lines underground and install a new outdoor water line if required.

Give us the opportunity to install your outdoor water line in the Des Moines area as we have completed several similar projects in the past. You can rest on the ability of our technicians in installing the new outdoor water line as they are:

  • Highly experienced
  • Well equipped
  • Aware of all advanced techniques

We use the trenchless technique for underground water line installation as it is better than the traditional method on various counts. The method is cost-effective as it offers quick results with minimal digging.

New Water Line Des Moines


Laying a new water line is not easy, and therefore, you must have the help of an experienced contractor. The new outdoor water line might have to be laid bypassing obstructions or blockages, and for this, the technicians must know how to bring the new water line from street to house, accurately.

Count on us when you require installation for a new water line around Des Moines, WA. Once the new water line is installed by us, you will experience the following:

  • Reduced utility bills
  • Proper water pressure
  • No need for frequent repairs

Get in touch with our consultants to learn about any new water line installation cost on a per-foot basis. Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for new underground water line installation in the Des Moines area.

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