Outdoor Kitchens Ravensdale


There is nothing like luxurious outdoor living spaces to add sophistication and pleasure to your life.

Imagine having a picturesque backyard where you can relax and spend memorable times with family and friends. Add to this the option of dining alfresco by installing outdoor kitchens or an outdoor fireplace and your outdoor living spaces become nothing less than a paradise!If the idea of cooking and socializing in the open excites you, allow Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to give it shape by installing stylish outdoor kitchens or outdoor fireplace.

We design custom outdoor kitchens or an outdoor fireplace, transforming simple yards into beautiful outdoor living spaces that are the perfect settings for amazing culinary experiences.Our elegant outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplace work make for great summer parties that you and your guests won’t want to end. The spectacular outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchens redefine the concept of casual living, making:

  • Cooking less tedious and more enjoyable
  • Dining fun and romantic
  • Food more flavorful and delicious

Outdoor Fireplace Ravensdale


For ages, the blazing fireplace has brought families together on chilly nights. We can install an outdoor fireplace that helps you share this warmth not just with family, but also with friends and relatives.

Along with outdoor kitchens, an outdoor fireplace brings your outdoor living spaces to life, helping you enjoy unforgettable wintry evenings under the starry skies with your loved ones.An outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchens should not look like after-thoughts. So, we build yours to match your house style.

Our professionals give you a practically designed, ideally located, attention-grabbing outdoor fireplace that:

  • Is aesthetically appealing
  • Complements the outdoor kitchens and other elements in the outdoor living spaces
  • Conforms to the local fire codes

Outdoor Living Spaces Ravensdale


We believe that your outdoor living spaces should feel as comfortable as your home. So, we install thoughtfully-designed outdoor kitchens and fireplaces that make your outdoor living spaces natural extensions of your home.The beautiful outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchens we install in your outdoor living spaces create the best possible environment for spending a holiday or winding up a long day at work, allowing you to:

  • Relax in solitude
  • Bond with your family members
  • Share laughs and stories with close friends

Our creative designs, top-notch materials and exquisite craftsmanship create unique outdoor living spaces that exceed your expectations.

Come to Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for inviting outdoor kitchens or an outdoor fireplace that enhance your outdoor living spaces. Call (425) 358-2779.

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