Clyde Hill Artificial Grass


You are busy every day. Your work, your family all make demands on your time. You do not need the additional demands of a lawn. Yet you want one that is lush, green and looks well cared for.

Many Clyde Hill, WA residents and commercial property owners are installing artificial grass in order to achieve the look they want without the time commitment to maintain it. Cedar Country Landscaping, Inc. is the recognized company in Clyde Hill that property owners are turning to for the installation of artificial grass on the properties.

They help them work through the choices of artificial grass keeping in mind the:

  • Kinds of fibers, length of blades and materials to be used
  • Choice of nylon or polypropylene, or both
  • Price or installation charges

By using superior quality of artificial grass, we ensure that the look and feel of your lawn will always be just what you envisioned. We specialize in artificial grass installation and use the right equipment and techniques to install your artificial grass correctly.

Clyde Hill Artificial Turf


Installing artificial turf is a good option if you want a green, lush color on your lawn without the efforts of maintaining a real grass lawn. Before installing artificial turf in your Clyde Hill home, you must consider the following:

  • Environmental impacts
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Appearance

We have been offering our services for artificial turf installation for Clyde Hill residents since 1999. Do you know that artificial turf is good for your pets as well?

Since artificial turf is highly durable, your dogs can run and play without causing any damage to the artificial turf. What fun it is to play with your pets outside at the end of the day!

Clyde Hill Synthetic Grass


We are the leader in synthetic grass sales and installation in the Clyde Hill area. Our experts provide free consultation and will give you an estimate of the costs to install synthetic grass. We provide our synthetic grass to:

  • Animal day care facilities
  • Indoor paintball venues
  • Children’s daycare
  • Athletic facilities

When offering synthetic grass services for your home or office area, we come and assess the area to be covered, understand you and why you are considering synthetic grass, provide a written estimate, and schedule an installation date that fits your schedule.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 if you have questions about synthetic grass or if you have decided to install artificial grass on your Clyde Hill property.

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