Covington Artificial Grass


A beautiful, healthy lawn makes a wonderful addition to the appeal and value of a property, and enhances the daily living of inhabitants. However, maintaining a robust lawn can be a big headache since it requires a great deal of effort and time.

The best way for the people of Covington, WA to enjoy a beautiful lawn without the accompanying maintenance worries is getting artificial turf or synthetic grass installed by Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. A full-service landscaping company that was established in 1995, we offer specialized services for installing artificial grass in Covington.

We can carry out artificial grass installation in Covington properties for several applications. Our services can be hired for putting down synthetic grass for:

  • Lawns in homes
  • Pool surrounds
  • Business property landscaping
  • Kids playground or pet areas

Hiring us to install artificial grass in their Covington property is a great option for creating a landscape that flourishes forever.

Covington Artificial Turf


We are sure our customers will find artificial turf installation in their Covington properties to be a very rewarding investment. The artificial grass comes with several advantages, including:

  • Freedom from mowing
  • No need of weeding, pest control or fertilization
  • Minimized infestation of ticks, fleas and pollen
  • Conservation of precious natural resources (water)
  • Savings on water expenses

Having artificial turf also protects Covington residents from muddy footprints that track up the indoors whenever it rains. Our artificial turf in their Covington property makes life easy for them as a patchy, brown lawn becomes a thing of the past.

Covington Synthetic Grass


The advanced technologies used to create the synthetic grass that we install in Covington homes and commercial properties make it very natural-looking. We offer the highest quality of artificial grass products made from fine-bladed fiber.

Flawless artificial turf installation by our highly trained technicians further helps in creating a luxuriant yard. By getting our synthetic grass installed, Covington residents can experience all the pleasure of having a lawn with real grass. The artificial turf looks and feels like natural grass with its:

  • Fresh-cut appearance
  • Lush green color
  • Nice, soft texture
  • Spring-back features

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now for a free estimate on synthetic grass installation in your Covington property!

Planning to get artificial grass installed in your Covington home? Need synthetic grass installation in your commercial facility? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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