Water Line Repair Des Moines


A broken water supply line is a serious issue. It not just causes sizeable damage to your property but also poses a severe health and safety risk. It always starts small but becomes worse the longer you wait for repairs. The best option is to call in the experts before a minor issue becomes a major one.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides professional underground water line repair in the Des Moines, WA area. Our well-trained technicians have the experience to diagnose a problem, explain available options to you and fix the issue.

Damage is mostly caused by:

  • Mineral build up
  • Freezing and thawing
  • Overgrown tree roots
  • Shifting soil under the surface

After we finish with repairs, we thoroughly pressure-test for any water line leak. Schedule an appointment with us today for an underground water line repair in Des Moines.

Underground Water Line Repair Des Moines


We understand that when a water line problem arises at your residence, you need professional assistance, fast. We offer quick service along with on-time arrivals by our expert professionals. If you need any underground water line repair service, you can call us.

We believe in:

  • Providing standard fast response
  • Respecting your premises
  • Keeping you informed throughout the process
  • Integrity in our work and our pricing

Main water line leak repair costs are an economical choice over replacement of all your water pipes. We have years of experience and are happy to offer our underground water line repair services in the Des Moines area.

Give us a call to learn more about our water line leak repair services.

Des Moines Water Line Leak


Fixing a water line leak today will save you from large expenses and chaos tomorrow. Of course this makes sense, but still, we all struggle in identifying the early signs of underground water leaks. There are many indications which help us identify a water line leak.

As water pipelines run throughout your home and the property, there are always signs to help identify a leak like:

  • Soggy soil in the yard
  • Streaks or staining along the wall
  • Fungal growth or strange odors
  • Sagging walls or ceiling

Now if you believe your main water line to your house is leaking, call us immediately. Our expert technicians will provide you efficient service to stop the water line leak in your Des Moines area home quickly and professionally.

Have a water line leak? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for professional help with underground water line repair in the Des Moines area.

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