Sumner Irrigation System

Sumner irrigation system services in WA near 98352

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers complete irrigation system services in the Sumner, WA, area. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or a brand-new system installed, our Sumner irrigation system experts can help.

Need a new Sumner irrigation system? We will design and install a custom Sumner irrigation system tailored to your landscape and needs. We evaluate factors like the types of plants you have, the shape and slope of your lawn, and your local climate to ensure optimal coverage. Our installations include high-quality components for reliability and efficiency.

If you want to improve your system’s efficiency, we can also upgrade components or install smart controllers. Choose our landscaping experts to install:

  • Automatic plant waterer
  • Garden watering system
  • Automatic watering system
  • Garden sprinkler

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Sumner Drip Irrigation System

Sumner drip irrigation system for your property in WA near 98352

We offer a variety of irrigation system options, including a Sumner drip irrigation system. A Sumner drip irrigation system slowly releases water to the roots of your plants, reducing waste and keeping your lawn and garden properly hydrated.

We can incorporate smart controllers that automatically adjust based on weather to help you save water. Our technicians will evaluate your yard, soil type, and the types of plants you want to irrigate in order to determine the most suitable Sumner drip irrigation system for you.

Once installed, we provide follow-up maintenance and service to ensure your Sumner drip irrigation system is functioning properly and meeting your needs. Our team of experts can work on:

  • Automatic sprinkler system
  • Surface irrigation
  • Drip systems
  • Above ground sprinkler system
  • Plant watering system

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Sumner Irrigation System Repair

Leading Sumner irrigation system repair in WA near 98352

If your irrigation system is not functioning properly, our technicians will offer Sumner irrigation system repair. We check everything from the water source and pipes to valves, sprinkler heads, timers, and sensors. Once we determine the issue, we provide an estimate for a Sumner irrigation system repair.

We handle all types of Sumner irrigation system repair jobs. From fixing broken sprinkler heads to replacing malfunctioning valves or outdated timers, we have the experience and parts to get your system working like new again.

We look forward to helping you keep your lawn and garden healthy and green by providing professional Sumner irrigation system repair and installation services. We are your #1 choice when you need:

  • Irrigation line repair
  • Lawn irrigation repair
  • Residential sprinkler repair
  • Sprinkler maintenance
  • Home irrigation repair
  • Sprinkler pipe repair

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