Kirkland Lawn Sprinkler System


If you need automatic lawn sprinkler system installation services in Kirkland, WA, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the right choice. We are a full-service landscaping company that specializes in working with lawn sprinkler systems. We are expert at:

  • Sprinkler system design
  • Lawn sprinkler system installation
  • Irrigation sprinkler repair

An automatic sprinkler system takes away all the stress of watering the landscaping for the property owner. Those who hire us for lawn sprinkler system installation in their Kirkland home or business no longer have to make time to manually water the lawn, flower beds and other foliage in the yard.

They can carry on with their family and work life while the landscaping is automatically water by the lawn sprinkler system that turns on and off at pre-set timings.

Kirkland Sprinkler System Installation


Our company provides sprinkler system installation services for both residential and commercial customers. We can work in any big or small property to design and install a sprinkler system that is perfect for its landscape irrigation requirements.

We are committed to doing quality jobs and can be trusted to perform lawn sprinkler system installation in Kirkland properties:

  • Carefully and flawlessly
  • Providing full coverage of the area that needs watering
  • Without damaging the underground utility lines

We do work with all types of sprinkler systems. Whether you need to a basic lawn sprinkler installed in your home or are interested in getting a sophisticated sprinkler system with rain sensors installed in the yard of your commercial building, we have you covered.

Kirkland Sprinkler Repair


When it comes to sprinkler repair services, Kirkland residents have placed their trust in our company since 1995. They know that we will come quickly to accurately diagnose and efficiently fix any sprinkler system issue, including:

  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Leak location and repair
  • Valve repair or replacement
  • Electric repairs

No matter which brand of sprinkler system you have or who installed it, our sprinkler repair technician will have it running properly quickly. Our well-trained technicians have extensive experience in fixing even the most complex sprinkler problems.

We see to it that they work attentively on every sprinkler repair job and use only quality sprinkler repair parts.

When you need a new lawn sprinkler system installed or want sprinkler repair services in Kirkland, call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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