Yard Clean Up Services for Kirkland Home & Office Landscaping


A blooming, well-manicured and debris-free yard is the pride of any property owner and the envy of the entire neighborhood!

Maintaining a pristine landscaping, however, calls for a lot of time and labor which most property owners are unable to put in. That is why they turn to Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.

Besides regular lawn maintenance, we provide comprehensive services throughout the year for helping property owners maintain healthy, tidy and beautiful landscaping. These include:

  • Spring yard clean-up
  • Fall yard clean-up
  • Storm yard cleaning

While tidying up the yard after a big storm is obviously necessary, seasonal spring and fall yard clean-up in Kirkland, WA properties is a must to make sure that the landscaping is not ravaged by extreme cold and hot climatic conditions.

We offer storm, fall and spring yard clean-up services in Kirkland for both home and office landscaping.

Spring Yard Clean Up to Get Ready for the Growing Season in Kirkland


The end of winter heralds the start of fun-filled activities out in the open for everyone as well as the approach of the growing season for planting.

Our spring yard clean-up service in Kirkland is designed to get lawns as well as gardens ready to grow and thrive all through the summer. Pruning dead flowers and branches, cutting back and dividing perennials, overseeding, fertilization and debris bagging are some of the spring yard clean up tasks done by us.

Meanwhile, you can trust our spring yard clean up experts to:

  • Utilize the most advanced tools and technologies
  • Be as diligent as they would be as if cleaning their own yard
  • Strive to complete the job on time and within budget
  • Take care to cause the least disturbance to you and your neighbors

Kirkland Fall Yard Clean Up to Prepare for the Winter Months


Sub-zero temperatures and snowfall can wreak havoc on your garden. Get fall yard clean-up safety from us to keep your landscaping investment protected all through the winter months.

We send in our highly skilled, experienced and well-equipped technicians to perform fall yard clean-up work in your Kirkland property. Our professionals work hard to make sure that your:

  • Turf and plantings do not decay due to chill or mold
  • Outdoor areas will be revived easily after the winters
  • Precious time is free for enjoying the festive season

Make Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. your first choice for storm, spring and fall yard clean up services in Kirkland. Reach us at (425) 358-2779.

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