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Do you want a landscape design in Kirkland, WA that blows away anyone who sees it? There is one company which can help you with that, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. We have been one of the top companies providing landscape designs for people in Kirkland since 1995.

To obtain an elegant design in the Kirkland area, meticulous as well as organized planning is required. There has to be proper communication between the landscape designer and the property owner to finalize a design for the Kirkland property.

We are well experienced to deal with simple as well as complex designs. To help you design an impeccable landscape, we offer recommendations. All our landscape projects include:

  • Authentic ideas
  • Premium landscape construction
  • Tidy and prompt landscape maintenance

Kirkland Outdoor Lights


Try following the points below to develop a primary design in Kirkland:

  • Make a list of everything you want in your design
  • Check if you have soil or drainage trouble
  • Choose between a casual and formal setting
  • Decide if you want a fire pit, outdoor hot tub or a kitchen

Once you are finished with that, contact our seasoned landscape designer serving Kirkland. The entire plan will be visualized and presented to you by our landscape designer serving the Kirkland region.

The goal of our landscape designer serving Kirkland is to make sure the design of your property is an extension of your personality. A competent landscape designer can be an asset

while planning a gorgeous landscaping design.

Our landscape designer concentrates on creating a design that is exclusive. This ensures that as your house gets older the design matures with it too.

Kirkland Landscape Lights


To propose a dependable landscape design plan to residents in the Kirkland region, our designer will develop a primary framework that consists of:

  • Measurement of the house
  • Gap from the street
  • Arrangement of driveways, shrubs, sidewalks and trees

With the help of landscape design plans for properties in the Kirkland region, our designer is able to present a true representation of the final product. Landscape design plans lay the groundwork for an extensive landscape design. Following this, an experienced builder is contacted by our designer servicing the Kirkland region who will also become an integral element of the landscape design plans.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has the most outstanding landscape designers and landscape design plans in the Kirkland, WA area. Call (425) 358-2779 now!

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