Puyallup Garden Mulch


Property owners who want their garden to grow optimally and look its best need to have garden mulch installation done. Mulch is an essential landscaping material that can make a major improvement in the beauty as well as the health of the garden.

Installation of garden mulch in any Puyallup, WA property is extremely effective in increasing moisture retention by soil, discouraging soil erosion and reducing weeds as well as pests. In vegetable gardens, use of mulch results in improving produce quality and quantity.

Strategic installation of garden mulch beautifies the yard by giving a professional, polished look to the planting beds.To receive optimal benefits from a garden mulch installation in your Puyallup property, it is important to hire experienced professionals like Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for the job. We have:

  • In-depth knowledge about different garden mulch types
  • Access to top-grade mulches
  • Trained crew to have the mulch installed professionally

Puyallup Landscape Mulch


Our landscaping company has the experience and resources to meet all sorts of requirements for landscape mulch in the Puyallup area. Whether you have decided to have the mulch installed to add to an impressive visual element to the yard or to promote healthy growth of the foliage, we are here to get the job done.

We carry out landscape mulch installations in both residential and commercial properties with yards of any size. We use organic landscape mulch that involves recycling the local vegetation and is, therefore, a very eco-friendly option.

The many materials used by us for mulching include:

  • Beauty bark
  • Pine needles
  • Grass clippings

We do take care to use the landscape mulch types and colors that complement your yard while keeping within your budget.

Puyallup Mulch Installation


Improper installation of landscape or garden mulch tends to do more harm than good. Why take chances with your painstakingly installed landscape when our top-notch mulch installation services are just a phone call away!

Are you wondering, ‘Why should I choose your company over the several much installers near me?’ Well, it is simply because we assure you of the finest landscape mulch installation services in the Puyallup area at the best price!

Working on your mulch installation job, we:

  • Use nutrient-rich, weed-free mulch
  • Take care to put down the right amount of mulch
  • Pass on the benefit of bulk mulch prices to you

Need to have landscape mulch installed in your Puyallup property? Get in touch with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today! Reach us at (425) 358-2779.

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