Water Line Installation Services for Kent Homeowners


The water line from the street to the house is a key element of your home plumbing system. Equally important is the network of piping leading from the water mains to the different plumbing installations throughout your home.

Professional water line installation in your new construction is essential to make sure that you enjoy hassle-free water supply as well as optimal longevity of the piping system. Turn to Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for water line installation services in Kent, WA.

Our company has extensive experience in laying down water lines for houses and we know all that goes into seamless underground water line installation. You can count on us to install your water lines for houses:

  • With meticulous attention to detail
  • Using top-grade materials
  • At a safe distance from the sewer pipes

When we are in charge of your home water line installation project in Kent, you can rest assured that youÕll receive a rewarding investment and minimal water line problems for years to come.

Water Line Replacement for Property Owners in Kent


We also offer water line replacement services. Though water line installation in new constructions is done to last for the long-term, eventually the pipes have to be replaced.

You may need get the water lines for a house replaced when these wear out with time and, sometimes, even need premature water line replacement when the pipes get badly damaged by weather or other events.

A few signs that indicate you may need to call us for underground water line repair or water line replacement in your Kent home include:

  • Unexplained soggy patches in the lawn
  • Spike in water bills without any change in water usage
  • Mold growth and musty odors in the house

We send in skilled technicians to carry out water line replacement.

Why Call Us to Install Water Lines for Your Kent House?


One major challenge in determining whether water line replacement is necessary is how deep the piping lies buried in the ground. This can cause premature replacement or digging up water lines for houses in Kent.

That is why you should call us to inspect, install or replace your water lines for house. We have well-trained technicians and the most advanced tools & technologies to get the job done:

  • Quickly
  • With minimal damage to the yard or flooring
  • Seamlessly

We use the best pipe material for drinking water supply and charge competitive prices for your water line installation or replacement job.

Hire only Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for installation and replacement of water lines for houses in Kent. Call us at (425) 358-2779.

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