Kent Landscape Design


Looking to dazzle your guests with a stellar landscape design in Kent, WA? Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has been serving Kent residents with designs that have been impressing people since 1995.

For a pretty landscape design in the Kent region, plenty of coordination and planning is required. The property owner and the landscape designer need to be on the same page while zeroing in on a design for Kent properties. Our company provides landscape design that can be a simple one or a complicated one. We offer various recommendations and guidelines to help you achieve the perfect property design. With every landscape project, we bring the following:

  • Excellent landscape construction
  • Original ideas for landscape design
  • Neat and timely lawn service and landscape maintenance

Kent Landscape Designer


You should follow the rules given below to develop a basic design for a property in Kent:

  • List all the basic things you want in your design
  • Choose between a casual or formal setting
  • Decide if you want a patio, hardscape, or a walkway
  • Decide if you want an outdoor hot tub, kitchen or a fire pit
  • Check if you have soil or drainage complications

After coming up with a basic design, get in touch with our professional landscape designer serving the Kent area. Our landscape designer serving the Kent region will help you conceptualize the whole plan.

Our landscape designer serving Kent residents will help ensure that your design truly reflects your style. A good landscape designer is a trustable source to plan a great landscape design. Our landscape designer aims to provide a distinctive design. With this, the designer ensures the beauty of your home increases as it evolves.

Kent Landscape Design Plans


In order to prepare stable landscape design plans in the Kent region, a designer prepares a basic structure that includes:

  • Distance from the street
  • Dimensions of the house
  • Placement of shrubs, sidewalks, trees and driveways

Using landscape design plans for residents in the Kent area our designer produces an accurate representation. The landscape design plan forms the basis of a comprehensive landscape design outline. After the first step, our designers contact a builder in Kent who also becomes part of the landscape design plans.

To get in touch with an outstanding landscape designer call (425) 358-2779 now! Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. helps you create the prettiest landscape design plans in the Kent, WA region.

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