Auburn French Drain


French drain emerged in Auburn to work by offer aggressive ground water with a track of least resistance. French drain Auburn is generally used to combat flooding problems caused by surface. French drain Auburn is also sometimes used to drain off liquid effluent.

Cedar County Landscaping is providing French drain Auburn which acts as a moat to protect one’s property by intercepting the ground water rushing down the slope. Our main aim is to provide the main leg of the French drain or Trench drain Auburn which is used to dug the slope. Also, we provide U-shaped French drain. Our French drain has following features:

  • French drain is linear and simple
  • Cost effective solution is provided by such French drain
  • French drain is doable
  • French drain permits ground water flowing side ward
  • It is wrinkled with geo tech fabric

Auburn Catch Basin


Installing a catch basin Auburn can solve many drainage problems. Many people have problems with standing water. It helps to trench away the extra water. Installing a drainage pipe to catch basin Auburn can empty into a drainage ditch.

Catch basin Auburn is of different sizes. A large catch basin is provided by us that are constructed out of stonework. We are here to determine how critical the ponding problem is which will recognize the size of catch basin Auburn. Before choosing to install one in your home, it is vital to know that:

  • Outlet pipe drains water from Catch basin
  • Catch basin is a simple process
  • Catch basin is convenient to carry
  • Catch basin is driven by lawn tractor
  • Concrete Catch basin is used for big water issue

Auburn Trench Drain


Trench drain Auburn is used to create new bathroom of wet room baths. Trench drain is recognized as floor trench. Trench drain Auburn is regarded as an unfastened trench with grates that can be detached.

Trench drain is regarded as the complete job. Bring your needs for Trench drain to us. We provide number of variations when it comes to drainage products like catch basin and trench drain Auburn. While catering your needs for Trench drain Auburn, we ensure:

  • Our Trench drain protects property from flood damage
  • We reduce ponding by Trench drain
  • Our Trench drain reduces risk associated with slips
  • We Extend life of paved surfaces by it
  • It minimizes inconvenience

Auburn residents can contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for acquiring best drainage system like French drain, Catch basin and Trench drain.

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