Covington French Drain


French drain Covington, this effective technique actually took its name from Henry F. French. French promoted the use of French Drain Covington to such an extent that it took on his name. French drain is underground technique of pricked pipes. French drain Covington is developed by digging a Trench drain, connecting a pricked pipe.

Cedar County Landscaping provide two types of French drain. Our French drain option is excellent if you are suffering from showeryvault. If you want to evade expensive foundation restoration work go for our French drain. Our French drain Covington offers following facilities:

  • French drain provides location in which water can go
  • French drain is the most effective form of basement waterproofing
  • It is constructed by digging trench
  • It prevents lodging

Covington Catch Basin


Catch basin Covington is considered as curb inlets or storm drain inlets. Catch basin Covington is the inlet to storm drain systems. Their structure typically consists of a curb inlet or grates. Catch basin usually forms a part of treatment practices. The ability of Catch basin Covington to remove pollutants and sediments will depend on the design of Catch basin.

Our company provides a wonderful option for acquiring Catch basin. Our experts are well equipped with knowledge and adequate information for the development of Catch basin. Our Catch basin Covington is designed basically to remove the following problems:

  • Catch basin reduces problem in commercial parking lot
  • Catch basin helps to prevent building up of sediment and rubbish
  • Catch basin helps to efficiently carry out water runoff
  • It minimises the risk of water damage on drive ways
  • It minimises inconvenience to public

Covington Trench Drain


The Trench drain Covington requires that the shower floor be sloped towards the Trench drain so that the water flows into it because the Trench drain is flushed with the surrounding flooring.

If you are looking for a concrete floor with trench drain Covington, look no more. We are equipped with the best environment friendly and technologically advanced systems. Our stainless steel Trench drain Covington is ideal for meatpacking. Our drain is designed keeping in mind the following things:

  • Trench drain is linear
  • Trench drain has neat appearance
  • Trench drain is simpler grade to construct
  • Installation and maintenance is easier of Trench drain
  • Trench drain does not require big undergrounded tubing

If you are looking to purchase Covington drainage products, then Cedar County Landscaping Inc. is the best. Here one can find French drain, Catch basin and Trench drain. For more information call (425) 358-2779.

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