Des Moines Artificial Grass


Artificial grass is not only beneficial for game fields but looks great on residential and commercial properties too. It can increase the curb appeal and can create a wonderful space for relaxing, entertaining guests and is safer for your pets.

If you are convinced about the benefits of artificial grass and want to install artificial grass on your Des Moines, WA property, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers great quality and unmatched installation standards for artificial grass.

Installing artificial grass in your lawn offers many benefits:

  • Saving water
  • Less maintenance
  • Green throughout the year
  • No fertilizers and pesticides required

Increasing number of pet owners are choosing artificial grass for dogs because artificial grass helps the dogs stay clean and safe from harmful pests.

Des Moines Artificial Turf


With artificial turf installed on your Des Moines yard, there is no weekly mowing or regular watering involved. It saves you time, which you can spend enjoying with friends and family, hosting parties and barbecues or simply relaxing on your lush green lawn year-round!

Artificial turf never requires any chemicals to help it thrive and grow. These chemicals, which you often use when you spray pesticides and use fertilizers, may be unsafe for your children and pets.

All these chemicals also pollute water systems which ultimately increases toxicity in larger water bodies and the entire eco-system. Moreover, having artificial turf is cost-effective, worry-free, and it remains beautiful all season.

Call us for artificial turf installation on your property. What makes our artificial grass worth it?

  • Looks like real grass
  • Feels soft
  • Made with spring-back features

Our expert installers are highly skilled. They know how to handle the trickier parts of artificial turf installation and will ensure the edges are perfect and your yard looks beautiful. You will get a natural looking lawn with artificial turf without having any lawn care hassles!

Des Moines Synthetic Grass


If you are worried about your budget and the cost of synthetic grass in the Des Moines area, don’t forget to calculate how much you will save in the long run. Synthetic grass is a wonderful investment as it saves you:

  • Money spent on maintenance
  • Time and energy
  • Additional costs on your water bill

With a synthetic grass installation, you can enjoy a healthy-looking lawn that never dries out or creates muddy patches. Enhance the beauty and value of your property by calling us for synthetic grass installation.

For natural looking artificial grass or synthetic grass installations in the Des Moines region, call Cedar County Landscaping at (425) 358-2779.

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