Puyallup Brick Retaining Wall


Does your landscape design include a retaining wall? If yes, then call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. and schedule a job for brick retaining wall construction. The properties that are on a sloped land tend to have grading and soil erosion issues that create difficulties in landscaping the yard.

A landscape retaining wall can be installed to retain or hold back the soil. We specialize in dry stacked brick retaining wall installation for Puyallup, WA properties.

Brick is one of the most common materials used for landscape retaining wall. An elegant look, superb durability, low environmental impact, moisture-resistance and fire-resistance are some of the key reasons why a brick retaining wall is preferred by many property owners.

Being highly experienced retaining wall contractors, we have in-depth knowledge of how to build a brick retaining wall. Our Puyallup residents can count on us to install a dry stacked brick retaining wall that:

  • Looks neat and attractive
  • Functions efficiently
  • Remains strong for years to come

Puyallup Landscape Retaining Wall


The primary function of a landscape retaining wall is to support soil on a hilly terrain and prevent it from being washed away. However, retaining walls can serve many purposes. They can support the driveway or enable successful planting on a sloped yard.

As brick retaining wall contractors we can produce decorative retaining walls you have envisioned. We can carry out landscape retaining wall construction in Puyallup homes and commercial properties that:

  • Give a distinctive terraced look to the yard
  • Create interesting seating spaces at strategic points in the landscape
  • Define or provide privacy to certain outdoor living areas

Do not hesitate to discuss your landscape retaining wall ideas with us and select our retaining wall installers to work on your property.

Puyallup Retaining Wall Contractors


Whether you are planning to have a brick retaining wall constructed purely for functional reasons or to add a unique aesthetic element to the landscape, make sure to bring specialist retaining wall contractors like us on aboard for the project.

Landscape retaining wall installation is not something you can set aside to do on a weekend. We are the knowledgeable, experienced retaining wall contractors in the Puyallup area that you should hire if you want a structure that:

  • Is built to code
  • Does not collapse soon, causing major landscaping damage
  • Visually appealing and structurally sound

Choose only Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. when you need to hire residential or commercial retaining wall contractors in Puyallup at (425) 358-2779.

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